Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yes, though I walk through the [deep, sunless] valley of the shadow of death, I will fear or dread no evil, for You are with me; Your rod [to protect] and Your staff [to guide], they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4 AMP)



R/B singer/songwriter, Tank, does it again. He dropped a brand new track called: Almost Done. Take a listen as Tank tells his lover he wishes it wasn't almost over. Whew!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"Show me a person with trust issues, and I'll show you a person who is controlling."-Margo Anderson

When you come into contact with a person who has to be in control of each situation, then understand their unspoken language to you is: "I don't trust you"...and sometimes it's just best to allow them to heal from their trust issues before you get involved with them...control can be a relationship killer.


If you are looking for what's good in the world? Heck if you are even simply just seeking "church" then here you are? Take a listen as they give praise to God.


EVE is gearing up for the release of her new album: Lip Lock, due out in March. With a mixed review of her first single, She Bad Bad, this new joint: Make It Out This Town, has that hiphop/pop feel to it. I can hear this on the radio for sure. Tell me what ya'll think.


Joe dropped his brand new single: I'd Rather Have A Love, off his forthcoming album, which is due out this summer. The Good, Bad, & Sexy singer has a new label, Massenburg Media, which was formed by Kedar Massenburg. This is what real r/b is about. People truly slept on his last album, I hope they don't sleep on this one. Check out the single.


Chris Brown, fresh off his declaration of love for Rihanna, and letting known that hitting her was his greatest regret. The two were seen at the Supper Club together.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


"I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the person whose ears are open to My words [who listens to My message] and believes and trusts in and clings to and relies on Him Who sent Me has (possesses now) eternal life."-John 5:24


As if we didn't already! Chris Brown confirmed from his own mouth that he is back with his #1 Love, during a Oscars party with Elton John.

“We are really happy. We are back together. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. But I’m sad she couldn’t be here tonight; she is rehearsing for her tour.”-New York Post

“Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals.
“That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake.
"But she loves me – what can I say? I’m forgiven… but, yes, I worked hard for it.”-via Mirror

Sometimes relationships go through things. And some of those things can be the most horrendous things...but where there is an ability to forgive, there is an ability to love again. This is what love is all about. It's only if someone does not come to this understanding that history repeats itself, and then the pain is 100x's worse. But for Chris Brown and Rihanna, unlike others, I'm praying that this one works out. #Redemption


 New group, OCD (Moosh and Twist) dropped a new joint called All Alright. A nice upbeat joint. Check it out.

Monday, February 25, 2013


 Turk delivers his come-back mixtape since being released from prison, aptly titled, "Blame It On The System." Feature from Lil Wayne, Gunplay, Juvenile and more.(via HotNewHipHop)

Download: Turk-Blame It On The System


Jermaine Riley dropped a new joint called: You Killed It. Check it out.


"The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success."-Brian Tracy


"I AM the True Vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser. Any branch in Me that does not bear fruit [that stops bearing] He cuts away (trims off, takes away); and He cleanses and repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more and richer and more excellent fruit."-John 15: 1-2(Amp)

The question of the day: "Are you bearing fruit? If you are, what kind?"


Frank Ocean dropped a previously unreleased track called: Eyes Like Sky. Check it out.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Let me start by saying, it seemed as if this So So Def reunion has been in the making forever. The long 20 year journey that CEO, music mogul, Jermaine Dupri has taken, since 1992 has had all of his fans right along with him. The road has never truly strayed from the script: Taking unknown talent, listening to them, getting to know who they are, translating that through the music he produced and wrote, and wal lah...multi-platinum artists. His unique style is unmatched and unparalled to any...and this fan must say that what he did on this night has not been done since Motown 25! There is arguably no other CEO alive right now that could assemble all of his acts (former or present) on one stage, for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

The one thing I had to make sure of at this concert was that I was able to meet Derrick "D-mac" McKenzie. Now I know alot of you guys may not know who he is now, but trust me, this time next year...everyone will be screaming his name. He is a rapper out of Miami (the best in Dade bar for bar is what he was named by Street Connect DJ's, along with lyricist of the year award and other accolades). His latest mixtape: Date With Destiny is off the chain, and he's working on the follow up, Dear Destiny, which is due out early spring. Get ready for him! Oh and one other juicy tid bit...he is the other half of TEAMPHATMAC. :-)
Right here I told him that I had to get a big hug in...hey it was my first time actually meeting him..hehehe.
Destiny Underwood is a 13yr. old singer/songwriter who I met on Jermaine Dupri's site, Global14. The young lady had music on iTunes, videos, the works...and her time is definitely coming. You guys have to google her!

Monica and Alesia were caught off guard, but as you can see, Monica stay camera ready lol. And isn't her natural hair just beautiful? Alesia stays busy coordinating weddings and events, so getting her to be still to take this picture was
I was able to get a couple of pics with some of the G14 crew before the show.

I was so happy when the show finally started. It was Kriss Kross, Da Brat, Jagged Edge (accompanied by Bryan Michael Cox), Xscape (with Tameka & LaTocha..Kandi nor Tiny showed up), Lil Jon, Playa Poncho, Youngbloodz, Young Jeezy, Usher, Mariah Carey, Monica, Jay Z, Ludacris, & more. I was able to get a few pics...other pics I got from my home girl, Shawntina.

Da Brat came out and did her thang. She rocked Funkdafied, Give It To Ya, & That's What I'm Looking For. I think I rapped every verse right along with her.
Jagged Edge emerged on the stage with none other than Grammy-award winning Bryan-Michael Cox on piano...and the crowd went ballistic. They sang hits such as Let's Get Married, Promise, & I Gotta Be.

Then a woman by the name of Monica Denise Brown (yes I had to say her entire name)..because she simply uh SLAYED the stage. Monica sang a verse from her #1 hit (So So Def) Love All Over Me...wait for it..acapella..dang I mean she KILT THE STAGE.

Lil Jon and JD decided that it was time for a DJ battle. Lil Jon let the crowd know (as if the true fans didn't lol) that he was an A&R for JD, that he also put together the So So Def Bass All Star compilation albums. He brought out Playa Poncho & the Youngbloodz during his set. JD brought out Dem Franchise Boys & he brought out Nelly.

I hope ya'll remember Bone Crusher! I Aint Neva Scared. Yo I thought the building was going to fall down when we all starting stomping to the song. lol
And yes...KRISS KROSS was in the building. And they started the show off right. Jump Jump!
Bow Weezy hit the stage and reminded us of where he started. He performed, Fresh Az Im Is, Outta My System, & Like You. We all were praying to see Ciara hit the stage. Main I just don't understand people from the A, not represent for JD. I mean everyone knows that Ciara & Bow are long why not come and perform the song that is arguably one of the biggest hits of your career..smh. Nevertheless this fan was sure happy to be the one that Bow serenaded.

The Scott sisters (Tameka & LaTocha) representing for the group Xscape. Now let me just say, out of all the acts this one was suppose to be very special to me. Why? Because had all 4 of those ladies hit the stage together (Kandi, Tiny, LaTocha, & Tameka) the house would have not been able to recover. As a fan, it was all any of us wanted to see. Because whether the group would have been truly reconciled, or simply there to show respect for Jermaine Dupri & So So Def on it's 20th anniversary, it would have show other ladies the power of God/healing/restoration/and yes sisterhood.

I must admit I was extremely disappointed by the decision that Kandi made to not attend the show (but I also know that this thing is just not black & white...the HURT RUNS DEEP), but the fact that TINY did not show up is an entirely different situation. While everyone is on least she has voiced that she has issues with both Scott sisters in the group (namely LaTocha), but to all of our knowledge there was no "beef" as far as Tiny was concerned with ANY member of the group. So why was she not there? I mean it was the 20th anniversary of the label that put her on (hey those platinum albums, allowed the door to be opened for No Scrubs to be written, and all of her other accomplishments) it allowed us (the fans) to know her name...and she did not show up? I seen the pics of her and her hubby online on ski's etc...and I'm not knocking family time...but was this REALLY not that important for her to fly the show..and fly back out? I just don't get it.

Well this is my thoughts to Kandi & the Scott sisters...hurts, pains, are genuine to the person who is feeling them. And to the people who simply don't understand why, all you have to do is step out of your shoes (perspective) and step into the person who is still dealing with the pains & hurts, to get an understanding (take yourself out).
Jd told Nelly: "If you are going to come on my stage, then I need you to be Nelly." Whelp off came the Thank you JD.
So So Def's reigning princess of R&B came out and performed her top 10 hit, You're The One...Dondria simply can sang. She belted the song out like nobody's business. It's funny because the whole crowd was singing along...and yes her sophmore album is over 70% finished..and there will be a release this year. Her new single: Little Things should drop sometime early spring.

Now how could JD do a 20th anniversary show, and Usher not come through. Well that's exactly what Usher was thinking. He promptly let it be known that no one has more #1 hits with JD than him. And he gave a taste of U Got It Bad, My Way, Confessions, Burn, & more...then brought out Ludacris and Lil Jon, & they performed: Lovers & Friends.
It's funny that a lot of people did not know that Anthony Hamilton was signed to So So Def when he first hit the scene with Charlene. Well he came through to show love to JD and peformed that hit for the crowd.

 Lil Jon, Ludacris, & JD performed Welcome to Atlanta. I was hoping that Diddy would come out and perform, because according to his instagram he seemed to be in the building. Yet the performance was beautiful. Ludacris expressed his gratitude to JD for putting him on his first joint back in the day.

 And what everyone was waiting for...Jay Z hit the stage to honor Jermaine Dupri. They performed Money Aint A Thang together. Then Jay proceeded to drop a few verses to some of his hits..but he had to let the DJ know first..."I don't do the vocals" referring to the fact that he needed instrumentals with no vocal on them. Nice!

 Up close and personal view of Bone Crusher...uh Rich Ross who..he started this lol.

Mariah Carey came out and presented JD with his 20th anniversary cake..."Congratulations Jermash"
When they dropped her song...the crowd went nuts...and as it seemed she may sing..her MIC WAS NOT WORKING...smh!

Da Brat came out with the, to light the candles on the cake. How appropriate that his lil sister, and one of his best friends in the industry presented him with this.

Mariah would not have missed this even for anything. Hopefully these two are in the studio working on her new album as well.

 I capped the night off with seeing one of my favorite artist and asking for a pic. Dondria is one of the most humble & gifted singers to come along in quite some time. Her journey started on youtube, and now she is part of one of the most historical moments in history. She has the right label at the right time.
 And again, for all of you who don't know..this is PhatMac. lol
Phatfffat & D-Mac were nice enough to take a picture for me. Although I love other celebrity couples..this one will always be my faves.

I have been to more concerts than I can count..but I will say without a doubt this had to be the best concert I have ever attended. Congratulations again to Jermaine Dupri for 20years of excellence.