Friday, February 8, 2013


Chris Brown returned to court yesterday, with his lady love right by his side: Rihanna. Yes, Rihanna. Yes the same person he was sentenced to 5yrs. probation for attacking her...that woman! Is this a surprise to me? Absolutely not? And why the media acting as if this is some type of travesty that Rihanna has committed is just stupid. The two have let it be known that the love between the two never died, even though everyone has called for it to be over.

Brown was in court because the DA is trying to accuse him of falsifying documents which would show that he completed his community service. Whether he did or did not do this...we all know that there is a much bigger picture here..and I pray that Chris did what he was suppose to do, and that this storm will soon pass as well.

And if people don't learn anything from this, please take in the lesson of FORGIVENESS. We forgive people we love all the time, and we still continue in relationship with them..WHY IS IT so horrible that Rihanna's decision to forgive Chris and at least see what this relationship could be (had that night never occurred) so awful? Let them live!

Also I pray that Chris would consider keeping his hair black! Just so much better for his image. Let's get back to the beginning. 

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