Sunday, March 17, 2013


Arise and go down to the potter's house, and there I will cause you to hear My words. Then I went down to the potter's house, and behold, he was working at the wheel. And the vessel he was making from clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter; so he mad it over, reworking it into another vessel as it seemed good to the potter to make it. - JERMIAH 18:2-5

Wow this verse just RENEWED me today. Hello everyone, I decided that it would be nice just to share my devotion of the week right here with the scripture this time versus make an entirely different post. I love how the Holy Spirit communicates with me. Here I am barely awake, getting my thoughts together about dinner, and boom, "I hear...I'm the Potter, you're the clay, should not MY WISHES for your life be most important?" Of course I'm like YES LORD! Then He says-"Do My Will"...Now for me, and for my family close to me...they know I immediately begin to cry thinking..oh no I'm not doing the will of me Holy Spirit...yes it was dramatic..water works But like the Comforter He is, He explained..."Tell the people...there is no PLAN better for their lives, then the one I have for them." And of course I was like WILL DO!

As we read the scripture above it is important to look at the key words. The first one for me was POTTER(GOD)...cause I understand that this is the ONE who will create the masterpiece(a work done with extraordinary skill...this is YOU). See an inventor of something is the only one that truly knows the inner workings, the outer workings, the most intricate parts of what he has created. He understands fully how it's suppose to function. Now one last thing: Jeremiah was told, to go down to the potters house and their he will be able to hear God's words. Listen to me, if you want to know WHO YOU ARE then you must go to the one else knows you better.

The next key word for me was VESSEL(a person into whom some quality (as grace) is infused; a container for holding something). We are the vessels in this passage. And what was most intriguing was the fact that it speaks about the vessel being SPOILED in the hands of the POTTER! Then I understood this...since the fall in the garden we were considered "spoiled" or "ruined" or not in the state intended from the beginning in longer...BUT GOD! The POTTER simply made us OVER. (Praise Dance) Through the death, burial, and ressurection of Jesus Christ, we have been made over, reworked into another VESSEL, you know..the one that seems good to the POTTER. We have been restored back to who HE intended us to be from the beginning. That means that all ORIGINAL plans that God intended for your life are STILL A GO. He has not changed His mind about one single solitary thing that He has planned concering you. And if you think that you can come up with a plan that will bring Him glory, and make you the happiest all at the same time...smh, you are sadly mistaken. Trust HIM. HE GOT YOU.

Do His Will ( or stick to His plan) trust me it's the best one for your life...hey He is the ONE who CREATED YOU...and when you accepted CHRIST as my friend began to walk as a MASTERPIECE! Accept it! And let's do it! I can't wait to see what greatness pours forth from you!


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