Friday, March 29, 2013


Chris Brown is definitely hotter than fish grease right now! The singer/songwriter is gearing up for the release of his new studio album: X. Chris is currently doing promo all across the country, and of course everywhere he go the subject of Rihanna comes up. With the apparent "reconciliation" between the two superstars, the world definitely is all ears to everything they are saying. Chris is usually pretty guarded and private when it comes to his personal relationships, but he opens up a bit.

I can't lie, this relationship looks TOTALLY different than before. I told a few friends that we need to simply keep our eyes on Rihanna when it comes to finding out the true nature of this "friendship." See I'm a big believer that when two celebrities decide to date (and let it be known to the media) they both should have considered their brands, how them being together will effect each other individually (especially career wise) and what the magnitude of a break up would do. When I think of the masses that make up Team Breezy & RihannaNavy...we are talking over 30 million together (especially if they can get both fan bases supporting each of them) that's high market branding. But if their is a break..oh boy it can be disastrous. No one knows this better than Chris, who suffered in everyway (career, personal, etc) during his haitus with Rihanna.

But then things began to change! It's almost as if the light bulb came on.They definitely can be better together than apart. But how real is this relationship this time around? Well I definitely believe every word that Rihanna spoke about Chris during her interview with Oprah. Right then things began to spin in the direction of reconciliation between the two. Chris decides it's time to part ways with Karreuche. And we see him & Rihanna at the Lakers game (having the time of their lives...yet leaving the game at its most competitive time...) hmmm appearance #1.

Rihanna began her process of promoting Unapologetic, and I could see her riding the wave of all the negative/positive spin that the media was speaking concerning her reunion with Chris. Every magazine interview, public appearance...she decided to work it to her favor, with the biggest thing being making her official artwork for her hit single Stay (which is an ode to Breezy) a picture of she & Chris. So of course my question was would it be the same way for Chris when his album comes out..and right now...I definitely will say yes. Chris changing his hair color back to black was something that I loved seeing, his openess to do interviews again..he is definitely maturing into an awesome man.

But it's funny watching Chris answer Big Boy's question about Rihanna in this how Chris SWERVE Big Boy when asked if he is in love (with Rihanna)..Chris stutters a bit then answers: "I'm a lover." Hmmm that's so funny. 

But is their anything wrong with that? Absolutely not! Especially if they both have agreed to it. Why? Because as superstars, and two that have the world watching as these two much as the media capitalize off of them...why can't they use it for their own gain? The only thing that will get me, is if the relationship between the two is "fake"...meaning they are not a couple (even though they say they are) and all of a sudden they have the publicist make that statement saying they are no longer together..and it happens not long after the albums have made their way around in the stores.

It's funny because after reading a blog that is "supposedly" written by someone who is friends with Chris (and believes that Rihanna is not the one for him) continues to state that people need to just chill and "watch" this thing unfold because "IT IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS"...JUST GIVES ME PAUSE. I GUESS WE WILL SEE...Chris album X drops later this until then..check out the full interview with Big Boy on Power106LA.

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