Saturday, April 13, 2013


This dude..smh!! I can't believe this guy! Drake has become the guy who threw the rock..then hid his hands. In his "staged" interview with Elliot Wilson..because the bottom line all that stuff they talked about in the beginning was a front just to get to him speaking on Chris Brown. This dude says that he is basically more talented than although I would never speak on his ability to rap...Drake need to stop. Lord knows it's funny that he truly stepped on the scene when Chris was going through the most devasting time of his life (although caused by his own actions)...but we will never know what level he would be on right now...did people forget that Chris was the "got milk" guy?

And for everyone that continues to categorize Rihanna as a "hoe" let me ask you your count number? GLASS HOUSES PEOPLE! And I'm expecting a CLAPBACK at any will probably take her ROCNATION & management to stop her from saying something.

We all know that Rihanna dated Chris Brown & then Matt Kemp..and had a one night stand with Drake...heck Drake is the one that told the media that she treated that one night like a dude did I guess that makes him the "girl?"..Get over that, she has told the world that Chris is the love of her life...MOVE ON! The eyewitness accounts & video footage shows that he started the fight at WIP, and yet people still waiting for Chris to mess up. Well Chris response was simply "LOL" I HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY!

Drake go join Ray J at the watering hole please.

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