Thursday, May 2, 2013


 Shade 45's DJ Wonder took Kriss Kross hits and put them all in one place for you. Listen/Download.
R.I.P. To Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelly! I see the Apollo showing tell me why there is nothing on the Fox Theatre Marquee? It was the last place he ever performed!

1. Kris Kross – The Way Of The Rhyme [Live Version]
2. Kris Kross – The Way of Rhyme
3. Kris Kross – Warm It Up
4. Kris Kross – Warm It Up [Dupri's Mix]
5. Kris Kross – Lil’ Boys In Da Hood
6. Kris Kross – Can’t Stop the Bum Rush
7. Kris Kross – I Missed The Bus
8. Kris Kross – Party
9. Kris Kross – Jump
10.Kris Kross – Jump [Supercat Mix]
11.Kris Kross – Alright (Feat. Superkat)
12.Kris Kross – Alright [Humps For Your Trunk Mix]
13.Kris Kross – I’m Real [Butcher Mix]
14.Kris Kross – Da Bomb [Remix-The Explosive Mix]
15.Kris Kross – Live And Die For Hip Hop [DJ Clark Kent Mix]
16.Kris Kross – Tonite’s Tha Night (Remix) (Feat. Redman)
17.Kris Kross – Tonite’s Tha Night (Remix)

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