Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Passing Of A Child (A Mothers Pain)-A Mothers Healing

It's been 16yrs...16yrs!! Since I lost my son....but I gained an ANGEL! I often sit back and wonder..what if? What if you never passed on? How tall would you be now? Who would you favor? What sport would you dominate? Or would you have been more artistic? All questions simply unanswered!

That's what use to haunt me at night! You know the moments when you are all alone and your mind begins to race...and you open your mouth to scream but nothing comes out! The pain that sears through your heart like iron that's white hot! That at the pure touch things are burnt unrecognizable! That's what unanswered questions are like!

And yet, GOD! I always knew HE was real, but it wasn't until the 6th day of being in the hospital with you that HE personally showed me WHO HE was! It was on that day that I realized you my son had been designated as my personal angel! Your purpose on this earth...your life in the end glorified GOD on the highest BROUGHT your family to CHRIST! On the 7th day, my strength was renewed and I stopped being selfish and made the hardest decision and allowed you to go back home! Your work here was done!

Now on this May 4, 2013...20yrs old!! Wow! I know you are in heaven watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (heavens edition)...cutting flips, and playing (Im)mortal Combat...yea (character) Sonjia still sucks lol! Keep praying for us, and watching over us! And know that the 4years I had you can never be replaced!

P.S. (wink) tell the FATHER thank you for CHRISTIAN..he just like his uncle!
Love Mom!


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