Tuesday, May 7, 2013


These are MY words! I only wonder what her heart is screaming at times! Again MY words!

Hmmm! It’s February 2009…and my life just changed!! It’s fight number 13425321456432244, but this one has been found out! What do I do now?!!!

He wouldn’t tell the truth, and I wouldn’t let it go! Now here we are…restraining orders, aching hearts, replacement lovers, and tears!!! Jah help me please!!!

I can’t breathe! I can’t sleep at night without you by my side! 3yrs has been far too long..but we are so different now! The world still hates you…and I’m now and forever in the I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME MODE! But you…you still seem a bit unhappy! I lost my best friend, the love of my life and I lost my Gran Gran! Where the weed at?!!!

Your friends say tell them what happened for real in 2009? Huh? Yea what happened? Only you, me, & Jah knows…so what’s the truth? Did I jump on you and you defended yourself? Was I the one who received the text that sent you through the roof? Did I finish the job you started and beat myself worse? Cause surely I hated you the whole time?! Ughhhh …swimming pool full of liquor please let me dive in! I want to go numb!

You spite me I return the favor but its vicious cause I’m better at it…why won’t you just listen!!!!! You young you say..no time to wife me up…whose talking..you are them?! I’m on tour, you’re promoting your album..you want me on an album cover ill do it?!! My relationship with you brought me my first #1 album…well hopefully I get USHERED(confessions went diamond)..but if I never got a number 1 album am I a failure? Billboard was calling me saying I broke records before this album…but hey! I will risk it all (I have) to see you on top! Lets unseat the king/queen! Oh wait I leaked the pic of myself to tmz in ‘09! It’s all a conspiracy to ruin you!

I lied on Oprah about still loving you, so I could pry you away from your girlfriend! I’m horrible! Because I CONTROL your heart! Okay I give ALL BACK! I admit I am headstrong..and after ‘09 it’s worse..I am not a victim..that’s the truth! Don’t cry for me! I can take an L! What I can’t take is seeing you being used and people really believing I’m the one doing it!

I’m so frustrated, and so stubborn! The problem is you’re the same! You want to be single, I don’t…and I won’t compromise! You want to wait till you have provided for every member in your crew and I’m thinking until mama J and your immediate are good? You are right we have different wants & needs! People change and we couldn’t expect to just pick up where we left off! There is no bridge to walk over here…we have to swim!!! Are we equipped to finish this…(Drink)?! Do we want to (Drink)?! The world says NO! (Dive In) flashes of greatness go before my eyes..Whitney, Michael, ..that’s not our fate!

So what’s the truth?! I know what I believe? You know what you believe..our friends believe what we told them? So that leaves Jah! Lord help us! -Robyn

The mark of a man of God destined to be a husband is his ability to take the blame for the sins/wrongs of his wife to be! He discusses it with her..but he takes responsibility! Just as Christ did for the church and gave HIMSELF for her..and HE IS SEATED AT THE RIGHT AND OF THE FATHER! To expose the church(woman) to the world causes a death(or pain for all) to repent and take responsibility is eternal life! Read Genesis 2-3

Chris let God be the judge between you and her…the world has no RIGHT to do it!


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