Saturday, July 13, 2013


An amazing lyricist that captures you with his ability to paint pictures with his rhymes, Lil Ronnie is music. A producer, songwriter, and visionary is what he is. Born in Buffalo NY, raised on the eastside of town in the East Ferry Projects made what you here in his music, real rap. Hoop dreams, street dreams… He had them. When it came to writing rhymes he had that ability to. Since age 13 he’s been writing down lines on any piece of paper he could find. By the time he turned 21yrs old he was considered a businessman. It’s no surprise that two of his businesses were a recording studio and a record label. Now he brings u here…..
Doobi-Roc Entertainment Stay Tuned (via Doobi-Roc Entertainment)

Nice artist submission. Please be sure to hit me up at to submit your music.
Tumblr-Lil Ronnie

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