Friday, July 19, 2013


I have a brand new submission from an artist that goes by the name of +Moss burn Check out his brand new EP.."Mapped Out"...enjoy!

 Amongst the chaos of one of the worst economic crises on record in American history, all across the Land of Opportunity young men and women are struggling to feed themselves and their dependants, forced to devise their way out of financial peril and critically low American morale, with nothing more than hope and ambition between them and the probability of failure that statistics would lead to believe are far higher than that of success. Few regions, if any, have been hit harder or more devastatingly than Michigan. Yet, for all of Michigan's financial and industrial shortcomings, one of the most time honored escape routes from perilous streets and historically high crime rates is through Michiganís time honored, highly accelerated hip hop fan base. With artists such as Eminem, Dayton family, Insane Clown Posse, mc breed, and Kid Rock serving as trailblazers for Michiganís rabid passion for rap music, one would think it may be a bit difficult to standout amongst the crowd, respect difficult to attain.

That is not the case with the West Michigan emcee Mossburn. His name, an internal acronym for minorities Oppressed Still Struggling Blacks Uniting Real Niggasî, Mossburn, hot off of the warm reception given to his most recent mixtape, ìYou Already Know What It Is ñ Volume Oneî, is geared up and determined to generate some momentum in his favor. Despite living in Muskegon, one of the worst regions in America in regards to unemployment, Mossburn remains focused, as evidenced by his slick wordplay, deep, and intricate lyrics, and a blue collar work ethic that enables him to push himself harder, further, and faster, in a part of the world that has seemingly fallen into a mass standstill. While talent and marketability may not be efficient enough to secure a successful career in music in this day and age, they unquestionably provide for a far greater window of opportunity, one that Mossburn intends on capitalizing upon when the time is right. With new projects lined up, and nowhere to go but higher creatively, Mossburn is staring down the same long road to success that all aspiring emcees must start on at one point. In Michigan however, home to one of the largest and most devastating automotive industry collapses ever chronicled, there are those who donít have the luxury of declining to "walk the walk", and begin on that long and uncertain journey. One thing is for certain however, Mossburn has what it takes to make it to the other side, and intends on doing so.

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