Saturday, August 17, 2013


Chris Brown put on his director's hat for his latest video, Love More, featuring Nicki Minaj. The singer/songwriter seem to go back to his days of Stomp The Yard, as he walk into the club and begins his dance sequence, but in true Chris Brown form, the choreography is on point. Ugh but what was this dude doing when he came out of the bedroom with the skeleton illumination? smh lol never mind.

After a tough day in court yesterday, where his probation was reinstated, but basically was like a brand new sentence with the judge declaring he has to do 1000 hrs of community LABOR, not service, and 1yr of probation that will end in August 2014...some are saying he simply needs to be glad he didn't go to jail..well that's true...but...the prosecutor had no "evidence" that he didn't complete his original community service, so why sentence him to community Labor? Oh well, if I'm Chris I would bury myself in the studio, for this upcoming year, maybe even an art studio as well..make music...create art! The only time to be seen is to do something that's making money. Get rid of the entourage...focus! Heck with all of those unreleased tracks..drop a mixtape: it's definitely some "Deuces" on know that one song that will go far beyond what you thought.

Oh and the only person invited over is the Bajan know, as your muse..hehe. I'm sorry, I'm just so Chrianna. Nonetheless..Chris Brown, the court has it's time to GET IT RIGHT.

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