Sunday, September 1, 2013


What is Love? Is it enough? People have so many definitions for this word! The adjectives can be less than flattering at times. Love is complicated, dumb, for the birds,stupid, blind, crazy, unworthy, not for me...etc! I think people speak like this because they are trying to comprehend a SPIRITUAL thing with a carnal mind. IMPOSSIBLE!

Love(the root) of the word is SPIRIT breathed! It's given the highest compliment when used as an adjective, GOD IS LOVE! Why do people skip over that, like that's not true, or it's some cliche?! And I'm talking about believers! Why do we act like we have no example of what love looks like? Did not Jesus tell the disciples if you seen me than you have seen the Father? Don't you understand that by FAITH you have also seen the Father?! Therefore Love is real...and yes Love is enough! I mean that's in essence saying GOD IS NOT ENOUGH! That's a lie straight from hell! God is ALWAYS ENOUGH..I don't care what you are going through! The problem is generally what have we chosen?!!

In relationships people say you don't choose who you love! That's another lie...we choose to love every day! If it were not so, Christ would not have commanded us to love one another because it would have been automatic...but instead He commanded us.

Love is expressed from Genesis to Revelation! It shows God's complete sacrifice to have us (His creation) back in relationship with Him again! Think about how "toxic" we were, and He never gave up! Love was enough!


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