Sunday, September 8, 2013


It seems like I was waiting forever to get my hands on a copy of a follow up to D-Mac's "Date With Destiny" mixtape! I mean getting the tea after the "date" is just as important as preparing for get to see how "The First Impression" paid off!

Well for this Dade county rapper, I can say it went perfect! For D-Mac, his new mixtape "Dear Destiny" is the perfect letter to spill the tea!
The mixtape boasts very mellow production with samples from some of the classic 90's rnb hits from artist such as R. Kelly, Xscape, and Janet Jackson to name a few.
Without giving too much away (The release date is coming soon) let me just tell you guys my favorite songs...

"Both" the best lyricist bar for bar (out of Dade) lays the ground work for what his "Dream Girl" would consist of, "bad b*tch but a good woman, keep it classy but still twerk a lil sumthin for me...."

"Mind State" this track is probably the deepest on the mixtape. Whew he goes in on the track..."only thing wrong with a broke nigga is nigga that's alright with it!"- nuff said! This dude dropped so much in this track that you will have to put it on repeat just to digest it all! My favorite!

"Different" this track is laced with a hot 90s sample with a melodic hook! "I thought you were different, but you the same." D-Mac all up in his feelings on this track and if you can't feel every snap of his flow then you numb! It's heartbreak times 10! He embodies every man thought process when they the one getting done right...ah an appearance from ...well you just have to listen to the track for that! 😏

Now the mixtape is highly anticipated, and it promises to deliver. The 11+ tracks will definitely be one to ride to with no skips. I was nervous for it..but 👏 for D-Mac! #YouDidThat

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