Saturday, September 21, 2013


Take a moment today and just look at yourself in the mirror and truly get interested in the EYES (person) staring back at you! Become desperate to get to know that person. Study the image from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet...DON'T forget what you look like!

Then search DEEPER...go behind the eyes and begin to LISTEN with your spiritual ears what's being said out of that mouth that's right in front of you concerning the person in the mirror? Do you agree with it? Is it OPPOSITE of who/what God said concerning this person? Because their is a difference between FACTS & TRUTH! Facts is what MAN uses to judge others/situations(if you lucky lol), but JESUS IS THE TRUTH...example: the doctor comes in and says you have cancer(that's a fact he can show you on an xray etc) but the TRUTH is (for those who have been born again through Chris Jesus) by HIS stripes We were healed! So now the question becomes which REPORT do I believe? Because that's the one that will come out of my which one do you agree with?

Now the final thing I want you to do while standing in front of the say: I LOVE YOU! For as much LOVE as you are able to offer yourself (unconditional is the goal) is as much LOVE as you are able to off others! Things you can't forgive yourself for you will find yourself unable to forgive others for! Things you can't receive for yourself/imagine for yourself you have a hard time imagining it for others! If you are able to see and know and understand your worth YOU CAN HELP OTHERS SEE,KNOW,AND UNDERSTAND THEIRS!


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