Saturday, October 12, 2013


I know ppl think that sometimes God takes to long to answer prayers. Well know this, the phrase "He may not come when you want him, but He'll be there right on time" is true! Remember He sees the ENTIRE picture. And it's your emotions that have you ANXIOUS, and begin to tell your FAITH what it will's usually when we go into our let me "help God out" movement...because we are convinced that we must be doing something! Well you are right you should be doing something...ready....YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE BELIEVING what God said! There is no other job that can be tougher in times of stress or pressure.

For everyone that wakes up (especially those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior) with that #TimeToGrind #HardWorkPaysOff attitude...understand this "spiritual" thing your human intelligence you can accomplish a lot, you can be known around the world, but you did it in YOUR OWN STRENGTH so should you "mess up" or "fall down" the world can snatch away that WORK & cause when tested it couldn't stand up to the "fire"...but when you understand that your #HARDWORK #GRINDING is to be getting what GOD SAID into your HEART (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks) then you will live your BEST LIFE...cause HIS PLAN WITH HIS INTELLIGENCE is what will come forth and the WORLD CANNOT take that, tear it down or destroy that...CAUSE GOD WORD IS WHATS KEEPING IT..and HE HOLDS HIS WORD ABOVE HIS NAME! (Shout right there)
So the moral of this story...SAY WHAT YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SAYS...THATS ALL JESUS DID( He continuously said..only say what my Father in heaven's He that does the WORK) how, by HIS WORDS! Now what's coming out of your mouth...are you GRINDING FOR YOUR DESTINY, your way or GODS WAY?


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