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Friday, November 29, 2013


Hot new remix emerged of Justin Timberlake's, TKO, featuring J. Cole, A$ap Rocky, & Pusha T. Check it out.


Singer/songwriter, Kevin McCall, drops a nice joint for the holidays: Merry Little Christmas Without You. Congrats again to the happy couple as he and his girlfriend Eva Pigford are expecting.


Although we have seen Dawn Richard return back to her mult-platinum group Danity Kane, the singer/songwriter still has joints for days that she recorded solo. Check out this latest joint that she released called: Love RollerCoaster.


Have you ever wondered why in verses about LOVE fear seems to come up? For instance "Perfect love cast out all fear" or "The Lord didn't give you a spirit of fear but of power, LOVE and a sound mind."

Because HATE is not the opposite/antagonist of LOVE, FEAR IS!

I know it's so easy to think hate is the opposite of love, but no, hate is simply an emotion that changes depending on knowledge. Fear is not an emotion, it's a spirit! And being that it's a spirit that GOD did NOT give that tells you where the spirit of fear comes from. The enemy! It's deception. Because fear is based off a lot of what ifs.

You wonder why people seem to be on a Rollercoaster when it comes to matters of the's because what ifs "rest" there! Stop thinking of your heart(as in the thing that's pumping blood to the rest of your body), remember God is Spirit, therefore the part of us made in HIS image, is our spirit. So when the bible says that the HOLY SPIRIT sheds the Love of God abroad in our hearts, He is referring to the part of us that's just like him(for those of us reborn through Christ) our spirit! (let that sink in)

So what does this mean, it means fear has no POWER over you except what you give it! When it comes to LOVE, there are many levels, Eros & Agape being two...Eros is never to rule your AGAPE..and love does not GO just matures! Yet we have become so selfish, most only love those who love them how they want to be loved, but the problem is what if what you learned and accepted love to be is not love at all? Like there are some women who believe if her man isn't smacking her around at times he doesn't care about her?! There are men who think that a chick who cussing him out, belittling him, is the one that love him...?! And yet that does not describe LOVE at all!

People LOVE originated with ONE, GOD! We have to stop making it what we want it to be! God is God! You can't change Him!

Moral of the story is...fear is a spirit, and is to have no RULE over you! LOVES POWER IS MIGHTY THROUGH GOD! Just because you have not matured in a relationship with LOVE(GOD) does not mean that it has means you have yet to decide that LOVE is exactly who He is (GOD)!

You can't expect to be able to take care of a GIFT that God gives, without God to help you maintain it?! At that moment you think you don't need Him to maintain the gift He gave you, whatever the purpose of the gift was...fear just entered because the what ifs start...and with God, the course was laid out!

Hate is not the opposite of Love, fear is!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Mally Mall & Tyga enlist the help of Sean Kingston, French Montana & Pusha T for their hot new joint: Wake Up In It.



Brand new joint from Will I. Am feat. Miley Cyrus, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, & DJ Mustard: Feelin' Myself. Miley just in this hip hop thang like she been doing this for years. Check it out.




Monday, November 25, 2013


Last night, ABC aired the 2013 American Music Awards, and this would be the first year that the highly acclaimed awards show would decide to give out an  Icon Award, and their nominee of choice: Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Since the day it was announced that the 25yr. old Icon would get the award, chatter started amongst fans of whether or not she deserved the award. Well she is the Voice of the Generation, and she has lived up to all the hype..dropping 7 albums in 7 years (this will be the first year the singer will not drop an album in November), and garnering endorsement after endorsement, from Mac Cosmetics to partnering with River Island for her own line, to having a reality show on Bravo (Styled to Rock), not to mention the record breaking world tour she just finished up..I could go I really could there is so much more. But the Barbadian singer from the left side of an island will have to absorb all that has come to her in this season. Check out the touching speech her mom gave presenting the award to her...and Rihanna kept her gangsta by not crying lol.

Sidenote: 1. Rihanna literally rocked a doobie wrap on the live show...and killed it. I mean bobby pins (diamond studded of course but bobby pins no less) in place...I mean Lady Gaga arrived on a "human" horse, but by the time the show started no one was talking about that anymore, from the moment Rihanna was seen on camera excepting her first award of the night: Female Rnb/Soul album...the chatter went to her hair..smh..this girl could have come out with literal rollers in her hair with a onesie on and killed it. 2. I really wish that Chris was there, it's like it was the only thing missing. You just wish they would have made it for this moment. But she had her entire family with her..but yea Chrianna!


All of the Holiday music is dropping, and Leona Lewis is preparing to drop her Christmas offering with a new album: Christmas With Love. Check out this joint, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).


Finally, the king of Rnb is back on his "12 Play"...with his latest album: Black Panties. R. Kelly is set to drop the album 12/10...with songs like "Cookie", Sex Proposal (I admit I can't wait to hear this one), and Lights On...yep hit definitely has the makings of a great rnb album..but I have to hear this thing in it's entirety to see if it even come close to 12play. Well here is a sneak listen of the album..tell me what ya'll think.

Thursday, November 21, 2013



From Malibu (Rehab Center)

Chris get’s on his knees…clasps his hands together..pauses…Lord, I come humbly before your throne, my mind is clouded, my soul is aching, and my spirit is weak. I don’t know if I’m coming or going at times. There are a thousand voices in my ear, it seems like the entire world is on my shoulders, and I barely have enough strength to carry myself…I just want…PEACE. Peace of mind, peace in my soul, peace in my spirit…to just…i don’t know Lord, to be me. You know Christopher, the kid from VA..before the fame. Why is all this happening to me? I….I just (first tear falls…)…low sobs

On a plane to New Orleans

Rih sneaks off to her sleeping quarters…damn…why they just want let me live! It’s a concert..nobody’s jumping the broom…see they doing too much! All I want to do is finish this tour with a bang…I’m trying to stay focused…grabs her phone…goes on Instagram…”figures” she says…but it’s whatever.
Ugh I can’t sleep! Goes to the bathroom, stares at the mirror…who am I? Sometimes it’s easy to get this fame/real life mixed up…Jah help me please!! Looks up in the mirror can I be at this place in my career, and when it comes to love, it’s like there is none for me? I’ve been talked about, lied on, and though I cleverly hide the pain of insults with witty clapbacks, that shit still gets to me, and yet I’m the bully. (Shakes her head as she walks out of the bathroom)…
I wonder what he doing? I hope this nigga staying focused…SKYPE…clicks his name…no reply. Oh boy…please let this dude still be in rehab..Chris don’t do anything crazy…Lord he don’t need any more problems.

Let me go ahead and pray…
Jah..thank You for watching over me, my family, my crew, and for how you continually keep your hand on us…but tonight, I’m coming for Christopher. No matter how much it may hurt, I just want him to be happy, and free from worry and stress. I pray that you remind him he is never alone because You are always there. Father strengthen the vision you have given him, and give me the womb to grow it and the wisdom to birth it out for him. Until you tell me something different, I know who I am, and who I was created to help, and that’s all I want to do.
I need your help though Jah…deliver me from the generational curse of pain,hurt,violence, that attempts to do me in, allow me to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Give me endurance in my spirit that I’m not ready to bolt every time something doesn’t go my way…I guess I’m asking you to deepen my well for my future..because if all I have is a shallow “well” filled with bitter water for my husband to drink from then what manner of woman am I? Surely not one that is ready to birth the GREATNESS that his seed possess. Yet if my “well” is filled with sweet water(Holy Spirit) for my husband, he will be restored, and his name will be on the lips of mighty men in the city gates. Lord please help me, so I can help him be restored…(tears start falling) Pauses


Chris, this is not My doing…I have not tested you in this manner, yet the adversary of your soul has come to steal, kill, destroy what I have put in you…THE WORD. The word I spoke concerning you as I knitted you together in your mother’s womb. He has attempted in several different ways to get you to denounce My word over your life…it’s only by what you say that will cause him to flee empty handed, or with all I have given you. It’s up to you. Son you cannot fight a battle successfully against and enemy you don’t understand. You are fighting against your shield of protection, wearing them thin, when the real enemy is in your face daily. Yet understand, the enemy is crafty, subtle, deceptive, and most of all a LIAR. Stop catering to your soul(mind will emotions), and feed your spirit(the word of God)..that you may be victorious over your enemy. Every good and perfect gift I have given you, the enemy comes in to snatch it away…your health(seizures), your voice(smoking), your wife(fear, rumors, lies,decisions she made, you made based off of selfishness and others words), now even trying to drive a wedge between you and your mother. But I heard the prayers of your mother Christopher…I won’t let them go unanswered. So it’s time …put your hands over your eyes….tell me what you see…
I don’t see anything…take your hands off, what do you see…Chris looks around the room and begin to name things in their…NO CHRISTOPHER..put your hand over your eyes again…(says the Lord…I have given you health, talents, wife, family, wisdom) now tell me what you see…heavy sobs…I see…I see me standing in front of millions, with my hands lifted up, singing…I see me talking to a sea of people giving my testimony, and oh Lord…I see me sitting down with young men in this industry teaching them about how important it is to have you, and the support system of those God assigned to your life, and how just as important it is to get rid of the ones You never intended to be a part of your plan. And lastly I see her, our kids, I see two people who look nothing like what they been through.

Now My son, all that you have seen, I have given it to you…remember with ME ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING.
With that Chris got up from his knees…check his computer and realized he had missed a SKYPE session.

On The Plane

I am going to use you to restore him. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Robyn do you understand what your “favor” is that I have given you? Robyn thinks…no Jah. I have given you influence. You are a voice to this generation. Stop running from it. Be you, who I created you to be…Trust in Me with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, but in all your ways submit to Me, and I will make your path straight…I got you. If you could fix yourself you would have done it by now…(she smiles). My ways are higher than your ways, and My word shall stand.
And with that..she heard her phone buzzing. When she seen his name..a smile came on her face. Answering it she just stared at him for a moment. What’s up he said? She frowned a little…you been crying? He put his head down (embarrassed) and said “man I just got finish praying, I can’t was one of those moments you know.” That’s funny because I just got finished praying myself..I guess that’s how we kept missing each other. So what’s up? Chris said. Nothing she replied…you know me I just wanted to lay eyes on you…mmmhmmm said Chris..more like checking up on me, but it’s all good..don’t worry baby, your man not gone nowhere. (smirk)…Oh my man huh…okay, I hear ya.

It’s been a crazy day…but I just wanted to reassure you of one thing…this thing right here (he takes to fingers and waves between the two of them from the screen) it’s not done…cause FOREVER IS A LONG TIME! I love you…Robs. Ditto yellow nigga! (laughs) bye..whoa whoa..nuh uh girl…you not getting off of here that fast…you know what’s up…Chris NO! You know how you get, and you know how loud I am…And didn’t we just get finished praying? (they both burst out laughing)…Jesus help us! Bye baby, I love you..goodnight…night bae.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Chris Brown had to return to court today, for what was scheduled previously as a progress update on the modification of his probation, from back in July. The singer was facing being thrown in jail for possible violation, from what allegedly occurred outside of his hotel in Washington D.C., yet he was spared again (in my opinion by the grace of God). The judge ordered for him to check into a rehab center in L.A. county for 90 days, along with 3 days a week community labor, random drug testing, and he had to agree to take prescription drugs that the doctor ordered for him.

I know everyone is so happy he did not go to jail, and so am I, although I knew that he would be ordered rehab...the prescription medicine is a totally different thing. People know prescription drugs can cause another problem. I am praying for him to not be made to take these drugs. The devil stays busy...and one thing we must all understand, he will stop at nothing to rob a person of their PURPOSE...this man is not crazy! This battle is SPIRITUAL...and we must pray according to the spirit.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Singer/songwriter/producer, T-Pain, dropped a hot new joint a few weeks ago called: Up Down, featuring B.o.B....the hyped, club joint definitely is one to dance to. But it became even more popular when Rihanna and her friends put up a video of the Bajan Queen twerking to the joint. Next thing I know, everybody wanted to know who sang this Well T-Pain takes it back to that 90's style(which I am seeing more and more artist do now), you can see it in the dress, the backyard party, everything...going back to the 90's for hip/rnb is definitely not a bad thing. So check out the official video..and watch Rihanna dance the joint as well.

Rihanna and friends twerking to T-Pain's new joint, Up Down, after she finished the last show of her Diamonds World Tour.



OH MY GOODNESS! THIS song right here, Love 2 Remember, says everything! Chris Brown lays it all on the line in this track singing to his LOVE,
 "can't my cellphone speed dial, 911, I got a whole in my heart one bullet in the gun, ready for the pills running out of time sitting here waiting to say goodbye to my love"

 dang this song just breaks my heart. In the beginning of the song Chris says that SHE changed...Love has to grow up, it's necessary that it matures, so people will change, you just have to pray that it's for the best "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; now that I have become a man, I am done with childish ways and have put them aside. (1 Corinthians 13:11 AMP)"

 "We will met again once upon a time."-HAPPILY EVER AFTER has to come for these two.
Download Xfiles


Monday, November 18, 2013


Chris Brown is keeping his promise to #TeamBreezy, he will drop his 5 song mixtape for millions to enjoy as he gears up to release his 6th studio album X! My guess for the songs that will be released is #UpToYou #SomethingSpecial #GoToWarForYa #FavoriteGirl & #GirlYouLoud!! Now I could absolutely be wrong, but I think those may be it! Trust they are worth it! So check back here tomorrow for the mixtape!! Download-XFiles









Saturday, November 16, 2013


Lorde has burst on the scene with one of the hottest singles of the year: Royals...well check out a remix by Da Brat, Justina, & Babs (making the band).


Bow Wow dropped a hot new joint: Addicted. See now this is what I love to hear from Bow. Um I wish he was talking about Angela Simmons...:-)...hmm let's just pretend he is as we listen shall we.


I'm HERE FOR THIS +D (D-Mac)! We have been waiting patiently for the best bar for bar out of Dade County to drop his long awaited mixtape: Dear Destiny. Which is the follow up to his last mixtape, Date With Destiny. Well today he dropped a single from the mixtape: Mind State along with his own version of Drake's "Worst Behaviour" called "Talk My Sh*t" which was produced by Feb9. The mixtape drops in December! Take a listen.

Friday, November 15, 2013


The upcoming American Music Awards let it be known that they have added an award to their list of categories this year...the Icon award. And the it's first recipient will be none other than Roby Rihanna Fenty.

Yep the 25yr. old Barbadian born singer has had a stellar year, from sold out arenas all around the world (record breaking as a matter of fact), to having her 8th straight #1 single in the UK, putting her alone with only two other legends, Elvis and the Beatles. Yes I would say that since 2005 Rihanna has put in work, and this is definitely her season.

Some are debating if she deserves this award, but I honestly can't think of anyone else who does currently. So congratulations RiRi.  At the end of the day, this is Rihanna's audience!

I wrote this 10/13/13

People when I seen this tweet from @molestmerihanna it just made me open my eyes to something that I heard in prayer on 3/14/2009
Robyn Rihanna Fenty was “VOICE TO THE GENERATION”
You know there is a verse in the bible that says “many are called but few are chosen”(Matthew 22:14)—-what that’s saying is we each have a calling(plan that God has for our lives) but only a few show up or accept His plan (many believe that they have a better one). Well one thing everyone should know about God is he loves to take the “foolish things to confound the wise)! I mean the Jewish leaders at the time thought Jesus would come in princely robes adorned with riches, and because he was born to a carpenter they couldn’t believe there was greatness in Him. The same with Rihanna. We often here her say “I’m just girl from the left side of an island” I’m sure that in all her dreaming she never imagined this success! And yet it’s just starting. All while anyone who can attempts to constantly tear down her character. Don’t people know that God loves flawed people? And that even when their flaws are exposed, as long as they depend on Him, more Grace is bestowed on them?! (Clears throat…David)
This woman who people criticize for what they consider her lack of talent in singing, dancing, you name it people find something negative to say about her, and yet naturally her success continues on! To a degree that she selling out stadiums! Stadiums ppl! If you think she is not a Voice To This Generation, you are living in a hole! The influence she has been anointed with very few have…and yet I’m not sure she understands the fullness of her gift!
Yet soon it will all come together for her! And when that understanding is fully grasped a generation will change right along with her…millions at a time!
Don’t believe me, just watch!


Rihanna delievered her brand new video to the #Navy today as promised. Her 4th single, What Now, off her latest album Unapologetic, had the visual shot to it while the singer toured overseas. It was directed by @UPRISING_DARREN @jonnycrave & @jeff_uprising. The singer decided to take on a more of what she called a "red carpet goth look" for the visual. Well as it seems that Rihanna is exorcising her demons in this video...I see it as her wrapped up in pure confusion as it pertains to love. It's almost as if she has no clue as to how it works...and the frustration is let out all on the screen. It's funny that in all that she is "alone"...but who can she call when she just been playing games with them all?" While on tour, right before the singer begins to perform this song, she starts by saying, "how many of you have ever been in love? Then you know how complicated that sh*t can be." Just to be clear..LOVE is not complicated, but it's not easily understood by those who have no UNCONDITIONAL relationship with it. God is Love.


New music from Timbaland, Know Bout Me, featuring Drake, Jay Z, & James Fauntleroy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Superstar singer, Chris Brown, was seen out and about in LA yesterday causing a ball of confusion for his fans, affectionately known as TeamBreezy. The singer had checked himself into a "life rehabilitation center" two weeks ago in order to get a new perspective on his life. According to his reps

"Chris is continuing his rehab program as an outpatient and is also completing his community service in the Los Angeles area," Brown's rep tells E! News in a statement. "He appreciates all of your encouragement and support." (Source)

 With so much going on with his life right now, I just want him to stay dedicated to getting himself back on track to the greatness that lies within him. It's crazy how people just give up on a person when the troubles come. We all seem to forget that just because a person goes through hardship, whether self inflicted or imposed by someone else, the greatness is still there. God's plan for that person didn't change because of bad decisions, or whatever. And just like most of us was crying out for Chris to grace a stage to pay homage to the late great Michael Jackson (because we felt like there was no one else to do it), we should understand it's still the same's just that he going through his own trials and tribulations right now. I can't write Chris off, it's too much in him that we have yet to see and I'm HERE FOR ALL OF IT. Including that Chrianna reunion..yep...HERE FOR IT ALL.  So I'm constantly praying for this man to cut off the leeches, and Lots (Lot was Abraham's nephew who just came along for the ride..and was blessed because of Abraham, but had to be rescued by Abraham..smh) of his that God can show him the fullness of who he is called to be. Because it wasn't until after Lot left Abraham that the Lord showed him what He had for him.

Can't wait for you to have a clear mind, a desire to go forward, and above all things a heart that continues to beat for what's right at all times.

Check out Chris Brown latest feature with Kid Ink "Show Me"...the video was directed by Chris as well.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Jeezy dropped a new joint today, Foul Play, off of the upcoming mixtape: CTE World 2. The mixtape produced by Drumma Boy, drops 11/27 at midnight.


 Rihanna is preparing to release her visual for the 4th single off her latest album, Unapologetic. The new single: What Now is one of my favorite joints off the album. Rihanna taking us "red carpet Goth" as she calls the new look in the video. She thinks the song is soft and could be a bit "boring" so for the video...she got a little um Disturbia on us, calling the video "demented"...

I believe Rihanna also did the treatment for the video, so to see how it all comes together is going to be exciting. We know she threw her hand in the director's ring with her last video, Pour It Up, so it's going to be fun to watch how she portrays this song.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Lesson of the day!

When you lose someone that was brought into your life by Gods design...meaning what He brought together let no man put asunder...whether by death, betrayal,choice, something you did, they did, whatever...the LOSS is devastating and it changes you...hopefully for the good, but sometimes not!

When I made the decision to let my son go(after praying and hearing The Lord are holding on to him for your own selfish reason) the "loss" changed me! At first for the worst...I was not me! I became someone else! Ppl were making excuses for me...some were blind to my self destruction...BUT GOD! His plan did not change for my life! And though that loss could happened...God RESTORED that daughter was pregnant years later...I prayed for a grandson...The Lord spoke...and I was blessed! He is like my son x's 2! Yes blessed me double!

I could have allowed bitterness to grow up in my heart and ROOT IN..but I decided nope there is NO PLAN MORE SUCCESSFUL for my life than the one He has for me, the journey is worth it! Whomever I must reconcile with, forgive, or whatever it was worth it!

Remember it may not look like how you imagined the final pic, but that's only because you may have only seen a part of it! But if you don't GIVE UP...that final outcome will not only change YOU..but those who see it!

Be blessed and allow GOD TO MOVE! Get your minuscule ideology out of the way..cause His ways are higher than your ways!



Friday, November 8, 2013


Check out some brand new music from K. Michelle called: He Gets Me.


Bruno Mars dropped the brand new remix to his latest single: Gorilla (G-Mix). He got the help of the king of rnb, R. Kelly, who took it back to his joint "the zoo", with his verse. Whew this type of joint made for Kellz...and Pharrell opens it up. Check it out, and cop the album: Unorthodox JukeBox on Itunes now.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


 Tamar Braxton is preparing to add her name to the holiday album list. With her brand new album Winter Loversland set to be released, check out the first single: She Can Have You.


LOVE’S presence has an innate ability to just express itself without ever speaking, sometimes! It can be seen in the eyes, with every movement of the hands, the direction in which one moves, the straight face, the smile, the frown, the incredible desire to die to self to see the other person achieve greatness. It’s hard to understand for any with even an ounce of pride, or for those who are not sure what they are worth! It’s so uncommon that most are more satisfied just believing it’s a lie! Asking themselves, no? Love doesn’t look like that…(Joy). smh

Love is so POWERFUL, and should never be resisted, only matured! As a child we love with reckless abandonment, unconditional! As adults we allow society to tell us when enough love has been given, or if a person is worthy of your love or not. Let me help you, we are COMMANDED TO LOVE, if they are human they are worthy of love! Don’t even stress over anymore!
In spite of how unworthy we once were, through Christ we have been made worthy! YOU HEAR ME? YOU ARE WORTHY!!

Now you only need to GROW in LOVE, meaning get to KNOW LOVE intimately and personally! And then LOVE WILL REVEAL HIS PLAN FOR YOUR TO YOU! You will understand who you are…and you will know that you have the CAPACITY, the patience to endure LONG for whomever God has joined you too! Whether family, friend, or spouse!

Just as there are those who say why ppl try to force these ppl to stay friends, or to separate people?

My question to them is, why is it so scary to SEE relationships that may have seemingly failed, but see God do a miraculous thing and keep them together just as He joined them before the foundation of the earth? Trials/tribulations WILL COME AGAINST EVERY WORD OF GOD, trust..if not, you might want to question if that was God!

It’s why Christian marriages are failing at the same rate as the world…because no one believes that GOD is the same God as He showed in biblical days! It’s as if ppl think He has changed! Newsflash GOD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER!

Remember PERFECT LOVE CAST OUT ALL FEAR! Don’t be afraid of the word perfect, it just means unconditional. When A person know you are going to love them regardless, they are more likely to share more with you! Tell you the truth no matter what! (Don’t think negatively..saying no they take you for granted cause that’s just a person whose immature in love, they will learn). Lies generally pertaining to relationships is out of fear of somehow losing you…(you would hope that person would be to afraid to lose you before the act but …)

Now I ask again why are people afraid to believe in LOVE(GOD)?


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Maybach Music's own, Omarion, dropped a follow up to his last mixtape...Care Package 2 boast collabos from the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Casey Veggies, and Audio Push. Check it out, and download.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Dawn Richard dropped a brand new joint that she says she found in the "vault" for her fans. The song is called Fade. Dawn is currently in the studio with her former bandmates, Danity Kane, as they prepare to slay us again with a hot new album.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


This morning as I was praying in the spirit I heard a conversation between Chris & Robyn. I just wrote it all down!

The Phone Call
Robyn sitting in a room full of people and her mind is all the way in L.A…. Walks out of her brand new pad in Barbados, (no notices) as she stands on the balcony thinking: Why do I even care..damn!! iPhone in hand along with a half smoked blunt, she scrolls through her phone, peeking over her shoulder to make sure the balcony door is closed as to not be interrupted..she clicked on the name…RING…RING…maybe I should hang up..what time is it in LA( 9pm)..RING…hello..silence…hello Rihanna..yes Mark how are you? I’m good Rihanna, how are you? What can I do for you? (Sighs)

Mark I need to know how he’s doing. He’s good Rihanna. I took him to rehab. His mom is in Virginia. Hood/Red/Wackstar has access to his house/cars. Pause…(he knows what she’s wondering) That girl is not there. That pic was old! And there is only one person he praying he can speak to…and that’s You. Pause…Robyn you still there? Yea Mark I’m here. Can you call him she whispers. Hold on…
Hello, this is Mark Geragos..I need to speak with Christopher Brown please…just one moment…

Hello…Chris remember that prayer you prayed about hearing a certain voice, and that if you did you know it was nothing but God who caused it…well! Hold on Mark…(Thank You Lord just for hearing my prayer)! Ok I’m back..Robyn you there Mark asked..yes. Okay listen when you guys are done..someone just call my phone that way I will know you’re done.
Are you okay? I’m better now. What’s going on, Robyn asked him. (Big breath) Robyn I never thought I would be so in love with a girl that she would consume me when she’s present, and when she’s away I totally lose it! 

Chris I nev…shhh let me get this out. For the past couple of days I came to see how immature in love I was. That although I loved you the best way I knew how, somewhere along the way, during our separation, your level in love matured and mine stayed the same. And because I could not understand why you changed, I acted out immaturely and for that I’m sorry.

Chris please don’t apologize. It seems like all we do is apologize to each other, it’s times for us to just get it right! Or not at all..right, says Chris. No Chris, for once for us to live up to the words we speak…#1LOVEALWAYS …there is no other options for us..IM YOURS…I’ve tried to get away from it. Tossed my emotions, lied to myself, but God want let me do! I’m Yours…ditto said Chris with a chuckle….I’m Yours!
Rih, I just want to be happy, and I realize no matter what the world saying it’s only when we are good that I’m happy. You are a part of me, and that scares me to death! Robyn listened intently…and asked..why because you are thinking what if she leaves? YES!! Chris responded. It’s been 10yrs Chris, I’m not leaving! You just have so many things to cut ties with..are you ready for that? Chris didn’t hesitate..yes baby I am. He continued… I love me, I love you, and nothing other than my love for God, oh and momma trumps! Pause… Chris? Yea? I need to see you! He shook his head because he knew this was coming!

Babe, not right now. I have to do this. I have to get right not just for myself, but for my family, my business(artist), but mist importantly for us. I have to make sure that I do nothing to sabotage this relationship again. At least not on my part(he emphasized). Robyn heard him and asked..what you mean by that? Chris responded, I mean if it don’t work out I can look to God and say I did everything I was suppose to do! Rihanna responded..ummm hmm. Okay since you put it like that. I’m so glad my tour is almost over now I can get back to taking care of my BFF. (Chris smiled over the phone) your BFF would love that! Pause…I love you Robyn…I love you too Chris.

Well baby I have to sleep, they wake you up early for counseling sooo…Robs don’t let nothing get to you..stay focused on this conversation, no matter what. (With a smirk on her face she responded) yea okay. (Pause) Rihanna? Christopher? I can’t believe you don’t want to see me? Chris ran his hand down his face..I didn’t say that! Oh boy..look do whatever cause you are anyway. She noticed his irritation and didn’t want to stress him..Chris calm down, I just needed to touch you, but I understand. Pause…I love you yellow nigga. I love you to Bajan princess. Good morning ..bye!