Wednesday, November 6, 2013


LOVE’S presence has an innate ability to just express itself without ever speaking, sometimes! It can be seen in the eyes, with every movement of the hands, the direction in which one moves, the straight face, the smile, the frown, the incredible desire to die to self to see the other person achieve greatness. It’s hard to understand for any with even an ounce of pride, or for those who are not sure what they are worth! It’s so uncommon that most are more satisfied just believing it’s a lie! Asking themselves, no? Love doesn’t look like that…(Joy). smh

Love is so POWERFUL, and should never be resisted, only matured! As a child we love with reckless abandonment, unconditional! As adults we allow society to tell us when enough love has been given, or if a person is worthy of your love or not. Let me help you, we are COMMANDED TO LOVE, if they are human they are worthy of love! Don’t even stress over anymore!
In spite of how unworthy we once were, through Christ we have been made worthy! YOU HEAR ME? YOU ARE WORTHY!!

Now you only need to GROW in LOVE, meaning get to KNOW LOVE intimately and personally! And then LOVE WILL REVEAL HIS PLAN FOR YOUR TO YOU! You will understand who you are…and you will know that you have the CAPACITY, the patience to endure LONG for whomever God has joined you too! Whether family, friend, or spouse!

Just as there are those who say why ppl try to force these ppl to stay friends, or to separate people?

My question to them is, why is it so scary to SEE relationships that may have seemingly failed, but see God do a miraculous thing and keep them together just as He joined them before the foundation of the earth? Trials/tribulations WILL COME AGAINST EVERY WORD OF GOD, trust..if not, you might want to question if that was God!

It’s why Christian marriages are failing at the same rate as the world…because no one believes that GOD is the same God as He showed in biblical days! It’s as if ppl think He has changed! Newsflash GOD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER!

Remember PERFECT LOVE CAST OUT ALL FEAR! Don’t be afraid of the word perfect, it just means unconditional. When A person know you are going to love them regardless, they are more likely to share more with you! Tell you the truth no matter what! (Don’t think negatively..saying no they take you for granted cause that’s just a person whose immature in love, they will learn). Lies generally pertaining to relationships is out of fear of somehow losing you…(you would hope that person would be to afraid to lose you before the act but …)

Now I ask again why are people afraid to believe in LOVE(GOD)?


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