Friday, November 29, 2013


Have you ever wondered why in verses about LOVE fear seems to come up? For instance "Perfect love cast out all fear" or "The Lord didn't give you a spirit of fear but of power, LOVE and a sound mind."

Because HATE is not the opposite/antagonist of LOVE, FEAR IS!

I know it's so easy to think hate is the opposite of love, but no, hate is simply an emotion that changes depending on knowledge. Fear is not an emotion, it's a spirit! And being that it's a spirit that GOD did NOT give that tells you where the spirit of fear comes from. The enemy! It's deception. Because fear is based off a lot of what ifs.

You wonder why people seem to be on a Rollercoaster when it comes to matters of the's because what ifs "rest" there! Stop thinking of your heart(as in the thing that's pumping blood to the rest of your body), remember God is Spirit, therefore the part of us made in HIS image, is our spirit. So when the bible says that the HOLY SPIRIT sheds the Love of God abroad in our hearts, He is referring to the part of us that's just like him(for those of us reborn through Christ) our spirit! (let that sink in)

So what does this mean, it means fear has no POWER over you except what you give it! When it comes to LOVE, there are many levels, Eros & Agape being two...Eros is never to rule your AGAPE..and love does not GO just matures! Yet we have become so selfish, most only love those who love them how they want to be loved, but the problem is what if what you learned and accepted love to be is not love at all? Like there are some women who believe if her man isn't smacking her around at times he doesn't care about her?! There are men who think that a chick who cussing him out, belittling him, is the one that love him...?! And yet that does not describe LOVE at all!

People LOVE originated with ONE, GOD! We have to stop making it what we want it to be! God is God! You can't change Him!

Moral of the story is...fear is a spirit, and is to have no RULE over you! LOVES POWER IS MIGHTY THROUGH GOD! Just because you have not matured in a relationship with LOVE(GOD) does not mean that it has means you have yet to decide that LOVE is exactly who He is (GOD)!

You can't expect to be able to take care of a GIFT that God gives, without God to help you maintain it?! At that moment you think you don't need Him to maintain the gift He gave you, whatever the purpose of the gift was...fear just entered because the what ifs start...and with God, the course was laid out!

Hate is not the opposite of Love, fear is!


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