Saturday, November 9, 2013


Lesson of the day!

When you lose someone that was brought into your life by Gods design...meaning what He brought together let no man put asunder...whether by death, betrayal,choice, something you did, they did, whatever...the LOSS is devastating and it changes you...hopefully for the good, but sometimes not!

When I made the decision to let my son go(after praying and hearing The Lord are holding on to him for your own selfish reason) the "loss" changed me! At first for the worst...I was not me! I became someone else! Ppl were making excuses for me...some were blind to my self destruction...BUT GOD! His plan did not change for my life! And though that loss could happened...God RESTORED that daughter was pregnant years later...I prayed for a grandson...The Lord spoke...and I was blessed! He is like my son x's 2! Yes blessed me double!

I could have allowed bitterness to grow up in my heart and ROOT IN..but I decided nope there is NO PLAN MORE SUCCESSFUL for my life than the one He has for me, the journey is worth it! Whomever I must reconcile with, forgive, or whatever it was worth it!

Remember it may not look like how you imagined the final pic, but that's only because you may have only seen a part of it! But if you don't GIVE UP...that final outcome will not only change YOU..but those who see it!

Be blessed and allow GOD TO MOVE! Get your minuscule ideology out of the way..cause His ways are higher than your ways!



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