Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Chris Brown had to return to court today, for what was scheduled previously as a progress update on the modification of his probation, from back in July. The singer was facing being thrown in jail for possible violation, from what allegedly occurred outside of his hotel in Washington D.C., yet he was spared again (in my opinion by the grace of God). The judge ordered for him to check into a rehab center in L.A. county for 90 days, along with 3 days a week community labor, random drug testing, and he had to agree to take prescription drugs that the doctor ordered for him.

I know everyone is so happy he did not go to jail, and so am I, although I knew that he would be ordered rehab...the prescription medicine is a totally different thing. People know prescription drugs can cause another problem. I am praying for him to not be made to take these drugs. The devil stays busy...and one thing we must all understand, he will stop at nothing to rob a person of their PURPOSE...this man is not crazy! This battle is SPIRITUAL...and we must pray according to the spirit.

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