Sunday, November 3, 2013


This morning as I was praying in the spirit I heard a conversation between Chris & Robyn. I just wrote it all down!

The Phone Call
Robyn sitting in a room full of people and her mind is all the way in L.A…. Walks out of her brand new pad in Barbados, (no notices) as she stands on the balcony thinking: Why do I even care..damn!! iPhone in hand along with a half smoked blunt, she scrolls through her phone, peeking over her shoulder to make sure the balcony door is closed as to not be interrupted..she clicked on the name…RING…RING…maybe I should hang up..what time is it in LA( 9pm)..RING…hello..silence…hello Rihanna..yes Mark how are you? I’m good Rihanna, how are you? What can I do for you? (Sighs)

Mark I need to know how he’s doing. He’s good Rihanna. I took him to rehab. His mom is in Virginia. Hood/Red/Wackstar has access to his house/cars. Pause…(he knows what she’s wondering) That girl is not there. That pic was old! And there is only one person he praying he can speak to…and that’s You. Pause…Robyn you still there? Yea Mark I’m here. Can you call him she whispers. Hold on…
Hello, this is Mark Geragos..I need to speak with Christopher Brown please…just one moment…

Hello…Chris remember that prayer you prayed about hearing a certain voice, and that if you did you know it was nothing but God who caused it…well! Hold on Mark…(Thank You Lord just for hearing my prayer)! Ok I’m back..Robyn you there Mark asked..yes. Okay listen when you guys are done..someone just call my phone that way I will know you’re done.
Are you okay? I’m better now. What’s going on, Robyn asked him. (Big breath) Robyn I never thought I would be so in love with a girl that she would consume me when she’s present, and when she’s away I totally lose it! 

Chris I nev…shhh let me get this out. For the past couple of days I came to see how immature in love I was. That although I loved you the best way I knew how, somewhere along the way, during our separation, your level in love matured and mine stayed the same. And because I could not understand why you changed, I acted out immaturely and for that I’m sorry.

Chris please don’t apologize. It seems like all we do is apologize to each other, it’s times for us to just get it right! Or not at all..right, says Chris. No Chris, for once for us to live up to the words we speak…#1LOVEALWAYS …there is no other options for us..IM YOURS…I’ve tried to get away from it. Tossed my emotions, lied to myself, but God want let me do! I’m Yours…ditto said Chris with a chuckle….I’m Yours!
Rih, I just want to be happy, and I realize no matter what the world saying it’s only when we are good that I’m happy. You are a part of me, and that scares me to death! Robyn listened intently…and asked..why because you are thinking what if she leaves? YES!! Chris responded. It’s been 10yrs Chris, I’m not leaving! You just have so many things to cut ties with..are you ready for that? Chris didn’t hesitate..yes baby I am. He continued… I love me, I love you, and nothing other than my love for God, oh and momma trumps! Pause… Chris? Yea? I need to see you! He shook his head because he knew this was coming!

Babe, not right now. I have to do this. I have to get right not just for myself, but for my family, my business(artist), but mist importantly for us. I have to make sure that I do nothing to sabotage this relationship again. At least not on my part(he emphasized). Robyn heard him and asked..what you mean by that? Chris responded, I mean if it don’t work out I can look to God and say I did everything I was suppose to do! Rihanna responded..ummm hmm. Okay since you put it like that. I’m so glad my tour is almost over now I can get back to taking care of my BFF. (Chris smiled over the phone) your BFF would love that! Pause…I love you Robyn…I love you too Chris.

Well baby I have to sleep, they wake you up early for counseling sooo…Robs don’t let nothing get to you..stay focused on this conversation, no matter what. (With a smirk on her face she responded) yea okay. (Pause) Rihanna? Christopher? I can’t believe you don’t want to see me? Chris ran his hand down his face..I didn’t say that! Oh boy..look do whatever cause you are anyway. She noticed his irritation and didn’t want to stress him..Chris calm down, I just needed to touch you, but I understand. Pause…I love you yellow nigga. I love you to Bajan princess. Good morning ..bye!