Tuesday, December 10, 2013


When is the last time you checked your relationship account? Is it on full? Half full? Or almost empty, or better yet in the negative? One thing we should all understand life is about relationships: Relationship to God, relationship to self, and relationship to others. Each one requires and investment, and I mean an investment of all or nothing. The ones that invest in, pour yourself into, has the potential to produce the greatest reward, or yes some of the worst pain. So what why do we even need them? It's simple because they continually show you who YOU ARE. See although we go through things with people, and even our relationship with God is challenged at times, how we react, respond to our experiences in relationships, tells us a lot about who we are at that very moment. It shows us what we have to work on, and also what we have learned and changed.

The investment is ALWAYS WORTH IT, if you invested because you wanted to truly see that person become who God ordained them to be, regardless of everything else. If your number one goal is to see them make it to the finish line that God has for them, then you know that your relationship with them is covenant "ordained by God" because selfishness has no place to enter. If your investment is purely out of obligation, or to gain something from where God is taking them (like Lot latched on to Abraham), then know this: YOU WILL NOT WALK INTO THE PROMISE LAND WITH THEM. You may be blessed by walking with them (but that's because God's blessings are so great that our cup runs over...but that person is getting the overflow, not the depth of what's in the cup, which is what the person it was meant for gets..the fullness).

When we truly invest in any relationship, we are saying in essence, I have counted the cost of this pairing. I have the capacity to give, regardless of what I receive in return. Understand me....when I say that..I basically mean..that from YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT, regardless if it yields a return, or you end up in the negative, was one of a pure motive to see the person become who they were destined to be. Hey if in doing so, you reap great rewards from it, that's just the iciing on the cake..and if the relationship is not covenant, as long as you stay in God, trust He will separate you from that relationship. When God separates people, its not through strife, pain, indignation, anger, or any of that, it's a smooth cut, by the sword He wields. It's nothing you have to do..it just happens. Let it happen, and keep it moving. Remember He said, what God has put together let no MAN separate. That's because we leave jagged edges, tattered souls, and roots of bitterness, that were not designed to be there. But when God does it, it's the smoothest thing ever.

So please check your "wells" and see if you have the capacity to love someone till they can love you the way you want to be loved. Check your "well" to see if you can afford to invest in a relationship, that may take a while to get a return on. But most importantly if you HAVE INVESTED NOTHING, EXPECT NOTHING IN RETURN. Cause without an PURE INVESTMENT, don't expect a PURE RETURN.


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