Monday, December 9, 2013


People reserve unconditional for their children, or something they feel they have no choice but to love. And yet Christ is our Teacher. We are striving to become more Christ like daily …well we should be for those of us who believe! We have been commanded to love how HE loved us..that’s unconditional!

But you know why we can’t because we don’t KNOW LOVE! We don’t have a RELATIONSHIP with LOVE! I mean one of true intimacy! One that we sit and get to know HIM like we would a new suitor! Ppl treat LOVE like society created HIM, but no LOVE CREATED us therefore the standard has been set! And trust if mistakes were the template to get us to NOT love anymore…WE ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN NON EXISTENT..cause LOVE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS A LEGITIMATE REASON NOT TO EXPRESS ITSELF! God is LOVE!


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