Tuesday, December 24, 2013


 On 12/22/13, Chris Brown was given a 3hr pass from the rehab facility to attend a toy drive he had set up with Brooklyn Projects. It's one thing everyone should know about Chris Brown is that he is a natural born giver, philanthropist.
I was so happy to see for the first time in months, a genuine smile on his face. He appeared healthy, strong, and most importantly alive. He shook hands, hugged, took pictures with everyone who came out to support the toy drive, and it was good seeing Kevin Hart, Dom (owner of Brooklyn Projects) and Tyga there as well to support.
All in all, the Grammy award winning artist was able to come out and do a great thing for underprivileged children, who may not have had anything for Christmas. This to me, is when he is at his absolute best. And it's one of the only other times I see him with a genuine smile on his face...yes we all know when the other times we have seen it. But most importantly it was drama free.

Yet let us all take a moment (ladies) and pause for this picture right here..I would say rehab is doing a brother good. Take away the blonde hair and um yea! That beard actually looks nice in this picture, and I know that somewhere in Barbados the Icon is um pleased. :-)

And shout out to @chrisbrownrca for creating this video of the Toy Drive. Enjoy!

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