Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Look I normally don't even speak of Karrueche, but I believe this interview says so much, even with her attempting to say nothing. I almost can't finish watching because as I look at her explain or rather answer the questions the interviewer is asking her, I simply can't believe anything she says...especially as it pertains to the "The Kill" which we still has not seen, or Chris Brown who has said he was single, is in rehab trying to get his life back on track, and she is out here doing interviews to make us have sympathy for her, and what she been through?!

I remember when the word got out that Chris Brown had a seizure back in the summer, and she came online asking for prayer for HERSELF. Or the news about her being on the new season of Love & Hip Hop (LA), in which she never denied until it became such a big deal on twitter, Chris started ranting about who to trust, then all of a sudden she and her PR says they were never in talks to do the show...(lies). Mona Scott Young was furious..and that wasn't for nothing. Let's get to more recent stunts..like the infamous "Turkey day" photo she put up ....which coincidentally she had on the same clothes she had on in this interview...that showed her and Chris in a picture...that looked wrong from the moment you looked at it. Only to find out later that the picture was photoshopped. Because the rehab center let it be known that the man could not have visitors for the first 30days except his manager (Tina) his lawyer (Mark G) and his barber. Yet no one questioned why the ONLY person to have a picture with him was her, and you mean to tell me no one in the man family would come see him? You guys...forget any woman in this aspect..and yet open your eyes. This was the same woman who made it a point to say she DIDN'T WANT FAME, she was there for love. And yet it's the same woman who has a publicist, aspiring to be a model, and hosting clubs with flyers like (Chris Brown's Karrueche Tran) for a meet and greet? Not to mention how I have seen posts of how she was denied access into a famous night spot in NY called, The Pink Elephant because Rihanna was in attendance, only for her to tweet ("you a wack b*tch and you know it)...and her friend, Teyana Taylor to add to it by saying (scary a** b*tches)..yet when the news hit the blogs, it was AFTER Melissa Forde (Rihanna's bestie) made her own posts (which came a day later letting me know they probably didn't even know about it until hopping on the internet..ya'll know the Navy stay watching). And guess what happened then..the tweets were deleted by Tran. This woman who in the 3yrs she has been around had not appeared at ONE COURT DATE with Chris Brown, then all of a sudden been at two...she forever putting up pictures but when the last time you seen her repping full out Black Pyramid gear? Yes she should be IF that's her man! She tweeted for the first time, one of his songs when it dropped..how convinent for it to be his latest single: Loyal. Oh but no one noticed that right after that she made it known that she would be a part of her publicist Be You campaign. The man dropped his mixtape: Xfiles...nothing, He dropped Fine China, nothing, he dropped Don't Think They Know, nothing...open yall eyes. It's only when it will benefit her life.

See there is no reason for her to even speak about what she is going through! You know why...because she not trying to be famous..she suppose to be trying to see her "boyfriend" through another rough patch of his life. Everything should be about that! Yes she has a life..but to the PUBLIC EYE (when she is in it..especially not wanting fame...it's suppose to be about him)!

Listen...people think the only way you know something is if you are physically there..but let me ask a mother who has had something happen to their child while you were away...did your intuition kick in? Did you have this funny feeling all day? Have you ever stood and listened to someone talk and even though you couldn't quite put your hand on it, you knew something was not right? At the end of the day..it's WHAT I HAVE SEEN..it's not me trying to convince anyone to believe what I believe...but it is for me to express if I choose..and I so choose. This man's mother has been SCREAMING TO THE WORLD....EVERYTHING IS NOT AS IT SEEMS. And yet people call her crazy, a meddler, and more. She was speaking of his entire entourage which included Karrueche. Joyce would never deny her son true love in any capacity. Meaning purposely not like someone who is doing right by her son..it's all she wants for him.

A woman has a lot of influence in a mans life...the wrong woman can kill him. And I'm not talking physically. I'm talking about the death that matters most...spiritually. If she is not built to BIRTH OUT THE SEEDS OF GREATNESS God has placed in him..she will eventually bring him to ruin. (Proverbs 5&6)
And yet the choice is up to him. Choose life!

Being present doesn't always mean loyal...think on that.

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  1. Thank You I 100% agree with everything you have said. I've said every time he's around her a lot he starts to looking dead. Her spirit does not compliment his at all. She may be less trouble to deal with, but is it even worth it just so he won't be alone. I say she didn't comment on any other songs because she knew they weren't wrote for her. I can say this she's getting bolder because she doesn't have any consequences stopping her. She is going to wake the Giant and get her head bit off..