Wednesday, December 11, 2013


R. Kelly took the time to do his best "Darius Lovehall" impression at the Hellobeautiful "Press Play" event. Check him out as he wows with his spoken word skills...Check out his poem.

Allow me to paint the picture your mind being the canvas, I take you spiritually high your plane aint never landed, no navigation locating that spot, when I hit that you yell out god, that’s the g spot. SEX.

That’ll bring you close to tears, when I hit it, it’s like I popped a molly in your ear. You feel it between yo thighs, yo heartbeat begins to rise, yo pupils is dilating you believe you can fly man.

Niggas can’t phuck with me, world in my hand, these niggas can’t even hold palm in they hand. Pull up in that bassline, snatch u up with these hits, tie you up with these lyrics, now you abducted by this sh*t.

A lot of things on yo mind let me carry them, get you so wet welcome to the aquarium. Murdering every*t Im a barbarian. Who is Trey, how dare they make a comparison. Up & down, Up & down on my elevator, see I’m the type of nigga that will elevate ya. Just let that soak in, I aint gone bathe off in that sh*t, I’m a soak in, it’s poker and Im going all in. I got you so open all I got to do is fall in. And I turn yo man into Aaron Hall, my lyrics got a big d*ck & I just phucked the sh*t out of ya’ll. -Lyrics(CM)


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