Sunday, January 5, 2014


Faith vs Risk

I notice that a lot of people say things like "you have to be willing to take some risks in life, just step out on faith," but I have to ask myself as a woman who has made Jesus Christ The Lord of her life, is that stepping out on faith me really taking a risk?

How am I taking a risk when I do what I hear the Holy Spirit say do? If when I pray, I listen to the Spirit, and He says go here, or do this, or say am I stepping out on faith by doing that? Instead if I go forward, I just go so believing and understanding, it's simply my worship, my love being displayed in the form of FAITH in His instructions. There is no RISK involved in moving in His word.

The risk comes in when I step out on my own word, my own ideas, and my own plans without His input. Proverbs 14:12 states: "there is a way that seems right to man, but leads to death." See how stepping out without God is taking a risk? You could end up dead! I take that in every since of the word, whether physically, or spiritually. Christ says with God all things are possible, but without Him we can do nothing. As a believer, I understand that my entire life is walked out with Christ (it should be) as Lord. What that means is that I seek Him for direction, and I willingly go in the direction He points out.

We must understand what taking a RISK is versus stepping out on FAITH. There is a difference.


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