Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I wish I could tell y'all in a few words how important it is for me to walk out my purpose. I didn't ask for this calling...i asked HIM to be LORD over my life and to keep me! And in turn HE told me who HE created me to be!

The thing is HE wants each and every one of us to know our purpose, and to pick up that cross and walk with HIM. He is SO GREAT that He doesn't expect you to do it on your own, HE will lead and guide you to all truth. One person calling is not "better" than another's...we are the BODY of Christ so we all have an intricate part in this and we all must do our part.

You know how important your life is to someone else? Do you? Playing with God or attempting to mock His name would be the most ignorant thing in the world to do even for a non believer less more one who has accepted the blood of Jesus! I don't play those type games.

I pray daily that HE will lead me and guide me, keep me from speaking something HE didn't say...or from speaking DEATH at any time. And when I fail I have no problem falling on my face and REPENTING because I know as long as my heart is humbled towards HIM He is just to forgive me. As some have witnessed when I'm wrong the Holy Spirit convicts me and I come on here and straighten out what I said, or apologize to the person directly! I have no problem doing it. It's not about's about HIS plan!

And for those of you who are searching for your purpose...GO TO THE CREATOR..HE is the only one Who can tell you why He made you! And walk with Him, trusting Him to keep you! It's His reputation on the line so I'm 100% sure He will not abandon you!

God. Bless


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