Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 What a way to start off your 29th birthday. RocNation's own, J. Cole, dropped a brand new mixtape, Revenge of the Dreamers, yesterday. The artist also got great news, his record label, Dreamville, just came to an agreement with Interscope Records to distribute his own artist music. The very talented artist hit the stage last night in Madison Square Garden where Jay Z gave him his very own first RocNation chain. Which is the one thing that I did not like, in the manner of which he gave it to him because the first reactions online were to the effect that: Cole fell back like he received the Holy Spirit..see why that's an issue?

The new 11-track mixtape features fellow Dreamville artists J. Cole, Bas, Omen, K-Quick, and Treasure Davis.

J. Cole - Revenge Of The Dreamers

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