Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Rihanna took her star power to another level today, as she graced the stage for an interview with Robin Roberts talking about why she has joined with a Philanthropic spokesperson for Hiv/Aids. The goal for Viva Glam Rihanna is $40M for Hiv/Aids prevention. She is involved to help the youth become more conscience of the disease.

I remember on 3/9/09, I head the Lord say that Rihanna is the Voice of the Generation. Even in this new philanthropic effort, we are seeing her use her fame for something to speak to this generation. In this interview she said she feel like she has so much more to do...and yes Rihanna you do have so much more to do. Get ready...Rihanna!

You can purchase Viva Glam (Rihanna) right now by clicking here.

Rihanna speaks to E News about what she was doing when she found out about her 8th Grammy win.

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