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So has GOD CHANGED, or society? And if you are IN Christ which do you suppose to follow?
For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord. As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything. For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word.

In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself. No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church.
As the Scriptures say, “A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one.

So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. (Ephesians 5:22, 24-26, 28, 29, 31-33 NLT)

So A MAN is COMMANDED to LOVE his wife…and a wife is COMMANDED to RESPECT her husband! No where in here does it SAY ANYTHING about if they EARN it give it…you know why? Cause God is the Judge! Your job is to simply OBEY THE WORD…and let God do the work.

We have become so self righteous as believers because instead of being kingdom minded we are society minded. We still think it’s OUR HARD WORK that allows God to bless us! 😪😪 it’s sad! We must know that te blessing of God comes and adds no sorrow(toil) with it! He does the work!


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While man judging the TEMPORAL THING...what they see now
God judge the heart…the REBORN SPIRIT…WHO HE DESTINED YOU TO BE! He sees the FINISHED PRODUCT! There is not ONE THING happening in anyone’s life that GOD CONSIDERS UNFIXABLE! If you notice He loves telling you WHO HE CREATED YOU TO BE when you so far from know the only way you will ever get there…become that is if HE DOES IT! “With Me all things are possible, without Me you can do nothing”

He can DELIVER YOU FROM DRUGS and HE can HEAL YOU FROM ABANDONMENT. He can provide for you daily needs as well as make a deaf person hear! HE IS GOD! He make dysfunctional/functional! He can make a 8yr old (Josiah) king of a nation! Make a donkey Have His will accomplished, but we think when it comes to love …OH HE CANT OR WONT DO ANYTHING CONCERNING THAT…I laugh…whoever u praying to give that god up! Cause He us not THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA…the King of kings!

I preached myself happy! I’m going to bed..whew if I can sleep..Jesu is Lord!


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Can we simply just pay attention to Chris Brown in this video. I mean this is how you do it right here. His latest video: Loyal, was directed by Breezy, and features cameos by Trey Songz, Usher, and Ty Dollar..the singer/entertainer did the thang on here. I got this video on repeat simply to see him do the Nae

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For physical training is of some value (useful for a little), but godliness (spiritual training) is useful and of value in everything and in every way, for it holds promise for the present life and also for the life which is to come. (1 Timothy 4:8 AMP)


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LOVE is not something you fall in and out of. Love is not something you simply feel or has you on an emotional rollercoaster. Love is not googley eyes and kisses all day. GOD IS LOVE. Therefore LOVE is the most POWERFUL (One) on this earth. Love displays itself through SACRIFICE! It's on full display when it shows it's ability to "die" for someone else who is GUILTY! Never calling them out in front of those who desire to persecute the guilty, but rather healing, restoring, and bringing forth another great characteristic of ITSELF(HIMSELF), GRACE. You know that unmerited favor that Christ demonstrates toward us.

You know I get it. From the shows we watch, the music we listen to, the scorn or hurt people we have encountered whose word we hold dear, the media etc we have come to believe and LIE ON LOVE. CALLING LOVE ALL SORTS OF NAMES, and not giving Love HIS PROPER GLORY, rather acting like Love is some disease we catch that we never wish we encountered.

Our greatest example of LOVE IS LOVE HIMSELF..and HE tells us constantly in HIS WORD that NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM HIM (LOVE), THAT He love us so much that He sent His Son to take the punishment we deserved! HE TOLD US THAT HE (LOVE) NEVER FAILS, AND YET WE DON'T BELIEVE HIM. Then we excuse it away saying we human, so we can never experience LOVE THIS WAY.

I'm here to tell you thats a lie! God (Love) will NEVER COMMAND ANYTHING OF YOU, THAT HE HAS NOT MADE YOU ABLE TO DO, or BE!

It's not about fairytales, and rainbows..this is about TRUE REALITY. For those who declare that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, what reality do you live in? You are IN THE WORLD, but you are NOT OF THE WORLD. Meaning, you don't walk by the world system and it's are not to live by it's standards and ways of doing things. You are to LIVE BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT.

So why is it so hard to believe that LOVE is something that can be here today and gone tomorrow? That love is not for everybody? That when the "pain" comes, or your LOVE capacity is being tested you are more concerned by how you LOOK to others (she stupid/he dumb..I wouldn't take that etc) versus MATURING IN LOVE? Do you realize how daily we have done something that would make what Christ did for us seem useless, and not worth it? Yet He did it to such a degree that HE OVERPAID..for your past, present and future. He did it for His own sake so that He would not have to judge you accordingly...and yet we still say things like..well I can forgive but not forget. Why? He tossed your sins into the sea of FORGETFULLNESS. You know why? Because if He was reminded then He has to judge you accordingly because HE IS A RIGHTEOUS GOD.

I know it's hard (to your flesh), but when we DARE TO GET IN THE SPIRIT, we have ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying..then and only then do we begin to live in REALITY.

Just know LOVE IS NOT FOR THE spiritual immature. Heck it's hard for the mature in Christ at times because we are constantly at war vs the flesh.

Last thing..when YOU FINALLY UNDERSTAND THAT become aware of the WORD SPOKEN CONCERNING YOUR LIFE, before you were ever born..AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE..YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ESCAPE WHAT'S IN YOUR SPIRITUAL DNA (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING CONCERNING YOUR LIFE...from your mate, your ministry, your gifts, talents, everything. Stop fighting against it with every excuse the world provides, and seek your Father in heaven, and let Him speak HIS WORDS OF LOVE TO YOU (His plan for your life). Simply say YES LORD..and go forward.


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This was submitted to this site by @taukditing

Never give God's glory to the devil. [sorry about length]

This post is for the man that walks in the knowledge of the true living God, the foolish and even to the ungodly/unrighteous man who the devil uses as his ambassadors.
Many are aware of the following headline but bare with me as I quote the necessary parts as it is relevant to this post. 

Today, March 17, 2014 “Chris Brown will spend another month in jail after ….Brandlin rejected a request by Geragos that….Brown be released into a different rehab program. Brown, 24, appeared in court wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, a sharp contrast from the suits and designer jeans he has worn for other court hearings……Geragos had requested that Brown be allowed to change into a suit, but Brandlin refused. The defence attorney argued unsuccessfully that keeping Brown in custody would be a waste…and could create problems for the singer’s upcoming trial in Washington, D.C…The judge did not indicate any potential penalties he was considering if Brown is found to have violated his probation.” – CTV News 

Following my prayer session for Christopher on Thursday, March 13 I was directed to the biblical account of Nebuchadnezzar. At the time, however, I did not see the parallel until it was revealed to me last night Sunday March 16, 2014 that God is doing a NEW THING for Christopher Maurice Brown (the details to this revelation is recorded in my journal). The history of Nebuchadnezzar’s rule is lengthy but I will paraphrase the portion as it pertains to Christopher.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream: he dreamt of a tree that was growing, becoming very strong and very high until it was visible all over the earth, obviously exceeding the possibilities of any ordinary tree. Abundant foliage characterized the tree, and it bore much fruit so that it provided for the beast and fowl and “all flesh fed of it.” He further describes a “watcher and an holy one” who is described as coming “down from heaven” The heavenly messenger cries aloud for the tree to be cut down, its branches cut off, its leaves to be shaken off and its fruit to be scattered. The beasts under it and the fowls in its branches were instructed to get away. Special instructions, however, are given regarding the stump, which much be left until 7 years; and these indicate that the tree will be revived later. “Belteshazzar (the name given to God’s prophet, Daniel, by the worldly kingdom) answered and said…the dream be to them that hate thee, and the interpretation to your enemies. [Read Daniel Chapter 4 to Chapter 6 – an excellent read]

The Dream Interpreted
The tree: Nebuchadnezzar is just like the tree in the dream, the king had grown great and his dominion [influence] had reached throughout all the earth

The meaning of the tree being cut down: Nebuchadnezzar is to be driven from ordinary association with men and dwell with the ‘beasts of the field’; in this condition he will eat grass [lost of his mind] and suffer [defamation from society] until he understands that it is God that gives to men the power to rule NOT the world

The meaning of the stump: Nebuchadnezzar will retain control of his kingdom and it will be restored to him after he comes back to his senses [right frame of mind]
Because the dream was not fulfilled immediately Nebuchadnezzar forgot until 12 months following his boastful declaration of acquiring all he had accomplished on his own. Nebuchadnezzar sanity to insanity was immediate, and he was driven from the palace to begin his 7 years period of trial.

Now before I reveal God’s decree I want to say this. I do not idolize Chris Brown. I am the intercessor for Christopher Maurice Brown as ordained and I have been on this journey quietly and patiently waiting in prayer and supplication since 2011 praying for the conviction of his soul. My decision to now start posting ‘bits’ is because the time has come for the Lord to be glorified: the tides are changing and God is doing a new thing. Prior to being called I was not familiar with his music or any of his accomplishments and was only vaguely familiar with the circumstances surrounding the 2009 incident as I did not follow the story in depth or watched any of the interviews that he or Robyn agreed to. The following is not as it pertains to a worldly idol but the child of God and that is my reason for referring to him only by his birth name of Christopher and not Chris, the ‘mask’ that the world has helped to create. With that said: DO NOT GIVE GOD’S GLORY TO the devil for the Lord was in total control today. Christopher’s time in jail is his wilderness that God has chosen. No man can complete his transformation with Christ without experiencing brokenness as he journeys through his wilderness. Christopher now has a choice: believe in the judicial system and his fans or acknowledging God’s power by turning to him completely. God uses anyone or anything to fulfill his purpose. While Brandlin rejected a request by Geragos to release ‘Chris’ the judge did not make a decision as to the violation of his probation. This is because a release was not a part of God’s plan. Remaining in custody is a necessity in his spiritual warfare. Throughout rehab ‘Chris’ was focused on reasserting himself in the industry through the release of his album “X” but it was not God’s ordained time as the album is not yet a reflection of God’s expectations. The revelation: X must be from the innermost man [the soul]; God’s intention is not for Christopher’s sorrows to be hidden. When Chris makes the choice to yield and acknowledge the only true living God he will create his best album yet, not from a dark place but from that of being redeemed. “Not being permitted to wear his designer suit,” allows God to show the world a broken man, whose image can only be restored by God then all will see and acknowledge God’s glory for “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”- 1 Cor. 2:9 (NLT). Do not be dismayed. The temporary removal of Robyn from his life was required to place Christopher on his current journey and for the purpose of those giving God’s glory to Robyn as Christopher’s savior. Salvation comes only from Christ and her role in his life will come into fulfillment but of a different ordinance. Christopher’s life will come full circle and in his year of increase [recall Nebuchadnezzar’s 7 years and based on the demonstrated investigative skills of ‘you’ crazy fans I know you will do the math] God will restore unto him more than what he had before – double fold. God gives his kingdom to whomever he pleases. 

For those who have mocked Christopher and have mocked God, you have declared yourself an antichrist and the word of God has decreed: “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” – you will not live to see the union you wish for because it shall not take root, it will be blown away and withered. What God has given to Christopher Maurice Brown no man will be able to take away. 
This is the word of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

@taukditing 🙏🙏🙏😪 I just want to take a moment and say thank You. Jesus for this precious woman of God! To each of us You give us revelation…and I thank You for this illustration of a breakdown! I pray that ALL WHO READ IT eyes will be opened. In Jesus Name….Amen!!


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47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.
48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.
49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.
50 And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.

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How did I get here?

The officer unlocked the handcuffs from my wrist, and it still had not truly entered into my mind where I was, and why I was here? I mean I just got finished doing my community service, and upon my arrival to the place that would be my "home" for the next 38 days, I see a sheriff's car, and police officers standing there waiting for someone. I can remember thinking, "oh boy what has happened now?" Little did I know, they were there for me.

The officer stated: "Mr. Brown? I said yes, he said Christopher Brown? I said yes again. He responded with I have a warrant for your arrest, can you please put your hands behind your back? My mouth fell open and I began looking around for anyone who could shed some light on what in the world was going on. My mind began to become frantic trying to go back over the day..and what I could have possibly done to cause this to happen? As the officer read me my rights all I could think of was once again, my decisions will cause pain, embarrassment and trouble. Man none of this stuff would even be an issue to me, I don't care what they do to me at this point, but I hate bringing the ones I love so much pain. I hate to even think about someone criticizing me to my mother, or family. I know they will defend me to the ends of the earth..but why have I put them in the position to have to? I have no more pity even for my own self at this point. Lord, seriously I have ran out of excuses, I have no more anything. I get it...either submit or be destroyed. Because it's obvious that everything I have done without's being stripped right from my hands at this moment and there is nothing I can do about it. I just wanted to die!

A single tear rolled down my face.

My chest got tight!

I couldn't hear anything around me!r5

I couldn't see anything in front of me!

My chest got tighter!

I couldn't speak! I couldn't breathe! My nostrils were flaring..but nothing!

Oh my God am I dying?

At that moment I could l see my life. All that I have been through, from the day I was born (literally)...I could see me being delivered..heard my first cry..and seen the tears in my mothers eyes..she was so proud.

I could see me at 4yrs old...and again..I can't breathe. I'm laying in my bed and I hear a loud cry from my mothers room. I just pull the covers up, and my tears fill the pillow. I close my I hear another loud cry. At the moment I escaped from my room. I'm in my own imagination...and I have my mother and sister and we are running...running...running..but when I look back..I'm alone!

I smile cause I see myself at 13 on the basketball court. I'm pretty good. I remember thinking I can go to the NBA and be great. But every time I truly see myself in the future, Im on a stage, and there are 1000's screaming my name. Most of them But if this thing don't work out..I have basketball to fall back on.

My mouth falls open...I'm gasping for air!

There she is...beautiful! No gorgeous! Hell I can't describe the grandness of how she's so foreign to me at this point..and her heart...her matches mine. I can see us at the amusement park, I see our rendezvous in Paris, I see our Christmas in Barbados...honestly, I could see the next 50 years of my life in her eyes. Those eyes: Medusa...captivating, mysterious, afraid, trapped..just like me. At that moment I realized that was our problem, neither of us had dealt with the one pivotal thing that made us so relatable to one another..our past. We cried at night in each other's arms about certain events (she more so than I...ego). And yet we never cried on the arms of the ONE who could truly heal us.

(SCREAMS) AHHHHH! Not one officer turns around..they can't hear me. Tears in full force on my face...I left her there. On the street! Even in this vision..I can't remember the fullness of what's a blur! That feeling returns...if she ever leaves..I have to have someone to take her place. It's the only reason I'm even making these bad choices...FEAR. All of a sudden I realize that every since I was 4 years old my greatest fear was being left alone ....IN THIS WORLD, with no one who truly loves me. Loves me enough to stay through everything. You know...unconditional love. I realized I didn't want someone to be a doormat..I wanted someone who cared enough to STAY. But who am I fooling, how much can one person take? Nothing compares to the THOUGHT of LOVE! I realized...when I was 4yrs old the thought of my mom dying and leaving me left me helpless and ALONE!

I fell over in the backseat with my hands still handcuffed behind my back, tear stained face...and I was able to barely speak..but these words I uttered: "Lord if you let me LIVE, I will do your will. And Lord, I receive your LOVE."

And just like that, it was if a burden was lifted off my chest. My breath returned to normal, my strength returned in my body. I was RESTORED. On Monday...I'm no longer worried..but restored! I have a destiny to fulfill, and no demon in hell will stop me from walking in that.

He restores my soul!

Christopher M Brown




There is a way that seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death. (Proverbs 16:25 AMP)

To rihanna

Everyday you walk by the mantra tatted on your shoulder...never a failure only a lesson(paraphrasing) then you are giving yourself permission to give up!

You are allowing yourself to walk by your emotions, your intelligence and others wisdom..there are only a few Robyn that truly understand the anointing on your know how u know this, because they are the ones who keep reminding you of ALL YOUR HARD WORK..and how YOU have gotten to where you are on your own(while making sure they speak on the part they played) but u know what's more powerful, anything you DONE on your OWN ...MAN CAN TAKE IT AWAY(in that case no time to rest), think about that!

But what GOD SPOKE & MANIFESTED for your life no man can take it...YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE IT AWAY! You will have to walk away from it! I'm showing you this..trusting you to simply READ IT! Why? Simply because it's what The Lord desires you to know. AND I BELIEVE at some point in your life you confessed Christ as Lord! His LOVE for you Rih is unmatched! And all your prayers concerning your HUSBAND have been heard...STOP FOR ONE MINUTE! And have compassion.

You can't worry about fans/bosses etc...let God handle that. Who you are, where God has brought's for you to bring forth a generation!

😪😪🙏🙏 you both had so much deception around you(ppl looking out for their best interests understanding) when u two are together..what they won't their control is over. U think u in control..look just PRAY!

The Man U calling friend has an agenda to takeover the top spot and he knows only u have the status to walk in position of First Lady...the problem with that Robyn...HE DOES NOT HAVE GODS APPROVAL NOR ANOINTING TO DO THIS...God is however doing a work and raising up a POWER COUPLE TO GRAB THIS GENERATION...CHRISTOPHER BROWN & Robyn Fenty! It's beyond where you ARE Robyn! You don't have to trust God! This "power couple" is not as people are thinking! It's POWER from on high..that touches the heart of people. It touches the spirit of those who hear...and they are changed! It's not about worldly influence to gain more it's the exact opposite. As you can see, you have already garnered this fete.

Put into Him as much as u put into your career/life! Happiness is a fleeting emotion because ppl won't always get it right..but Joy of The Lord is continuous even in bad times! No one is responsible for making you simple decide to be happy or not! Circumstances only have as much power as we give them.

Your husband is in California, fighting for his life..people telling him he sick, he has disorders, medicating him, but GOD is keeping Him! Restoring him..he is a king Robyn! You alone have seen the depth of him even beyond any family member and you KNOW him. And he knows you. He will protect let his heart trust confidently in you. Stop running!

Don't walk away with the dowry God meant for him and give it to someone else. Get beyond the surface!

Your Intercessor

Celebrity Ministry

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Therefore He is able also to save to the uttermost (completely, perfectly, finally, and for all time and eternity) those who come to God through Him, since He is always living to make petition to God and intercede with Him and intervene for them. (Hebrews 7:25 AMP)


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With her smash debut EP: Call Me Crazy But..., singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter drops the remix to her latest single: nEXt, featuring hip hops hot new artist, Kid Ink. The CBE artist has already scored a number with her boss, Chris Brown..with the remix of her smash, It Won't Stop. Check out the remix, and cop the EP.


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Marsha Ambrosius gave her fans a treat when she dropped her very hot and sexy 6-track EP: FVCK & LOVE. This EP will mark some as short, but it's very consistent and perhaps
it's better to leave us wanting more than having heard too much. We have
some production from Da Internz, Eric Hudson and Marsha Ambrosius even
tries her hand at production for the interlude. (HotNewHipHop)


Marsha Ambrosius - Fvck & Love


Because a mans soul is made up of his mind, will, and emotions...a soul tie made by God is one that can only be untied by Him!

God says in His word...what God has put together let no man out asunder(separate)!

But what is HE saying here? Jesus let it be known in the New Testament that God had not changed...the two shall become ONE flesh! It was in this way in the beginning! Jesus was saying in Matthew 19...nothing has changed! I don't care what HELL throws at those whom God has brought separate them will SHATTER THEM! That's another reason God hates divorce!

It's why when separation happens they become a shell of themselves!

Newsflash No one was designed to live in this earth separated from everyone! And it's God who reveals to you who He has joined you too! It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get to know God in such a way that you understand that who He assign you too..You need HIM to complete the assignment, life, ministry with that person!

You can go through life with your own agenda..screaming about being happy and it will all be a facade...because happiness is NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PURSUING....JOY IS!

Whew!!! The Joy that God gives NO MAN CAN EVER TAKE AWAY..Jesus did not say to you MY HAPPINESS I give to you...HE SAID JOY...two different WORDS!

Happiness is an emotion that comes and goes depending on circumstance but the Joy of The Lord ....that's yours for life!!

Soul mates go through all types of adversity...why? Because since the day of creation whomever GOD BROUGHT TOGETHER THEIR TASK OR MINISTRY WAS SO GREAT THAT IF THE DEVIL DIDNT ATTEMPT TO GET THEM TO QUIT OR GIVE UP..greatness happened in the earth like The children of Israel walking out of Egypt with Moses, Joseph saving them from famine, Abraham and Sarah being old having Isaac...Christ being BORN, CRUCIFIED for you and me!!

Understand the things of God!

I love you Lord! Thank You for fresh manna today!!

Let all who have ears to hear...hear what the Spirit is saying!

In Jesus name...Amen!

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James Fortune & Fiya released their latest album, and let me say, it's just about all I have been playing since I purchased it. This is my song for today, Never Forsake Me. I'm so grateful for my Savior.

Purchase Live Through It on Itunes now!!

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Hot new RnB group, Riss & Ry, dropped a hot new joint today called: Sex You (Remix). Under the tutelage of the one and only Bryan M. Cox..I can't wait until we get a full project from these ladies. Check it out, and download.

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We have all read the bible scriptures pertaining to love. Yet very few of us truly allow that word to make an indelible impression upon our heart(spirit). We still believe that Love is something that you "fall in & out of" and that is far from the truth. When you see Love with the wrong perspective, you definitely will end up treating it like the weather..sunny days you are in, rainy days you are out.

Love is not about your emotions (they are to finicky). And we know that love never how can it be about our emotions when we allow ourselves to go through all types of emotions on a daily basis? Would God allow us to be ruled by such unstableness? I think not. But He would remind us that without Him nothing is possible, but with Him all things are possible..thus setting into motion the truth that even as we live in breathe in our earthly form..Love is powerful, beyond measure.

Love in it's purest form = sacrifice. Just look at love's charateristics: patient, kind, does not envy, boast of itself or proud or rude. It does not demand it's own way. It's not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice in about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, NEVER LOSES FAITH, is always hopeful and ENDURES through every circumstance. It will LAST FOREVER. Love understands that as a child, you spoke like a child, reasoned like a child. But when you grew up, you put away childish things, and you are now able to see things with perfect clarity.

See in all the characteristics named, none is emotional..but rather your level of maturity in your relationship with Love. You can't be a wimp as it pertains to Love. Because He WHO IS LOVE, did not give you a spirit of fear..but a SPIRIT OF POWER, LOVE, AND A SOUND MIND..

So when you know that Love has showed up at the door, you let Love in, understand that everything will come after this GREAT GIFT you have been given, with a relentless pursuit..but don't you give in, and give love up, walk away, or quit! Love is not for cowards. Stand tall, don't fear, embrace love, and say to Love..I'm not going (Love) checked your "well" and understaning that you were "deep" enough to Love me, until I matured enough to love you back!

It's not about's about the one you profess your love too. SACRIFICE



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 "Heavenly Father let me get back to my love, I want to hold on, I don't want to leave I want to stay here." His vocals on this line right here...#faints. lol

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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Dondria is on a promotional tour right now for her brand new single: Coat Tail. Take a listen to her latest interview with BlogXilla.


So So Def princess, Dondria Nicole, took the time to speak to BeT about her new look, new sound, and filling the big shoes of those who came before her on So So Def!

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Yo I'm loving this remake of Soul For Real's hit "Candy Rain." The remake was done by Anthony Lewis and Billy Bang. Take a listen, then cop this on Itunes. The bass alone took me back to 1994..hehe!!



CelebrityMinistry had the pleasure of sitting down with D-Mac to talk
about his brand new mixtape: Dear Destiny! The follow up to his highly
successful #DateWithDestiny mixtape! It's 7asked and 7answered with CM
& D-Mac! Mixtape drops 3/3 check right back here for first
listen and DL!

Download-Dear Destiny

1. How does Dear Destiny differ from the first impression & date with destiny?

As far as The First Impression goes I'd have to say the difference now is I actually have an identity. All my life leading up to that project I would just rap because it was what I loved to do. I had the "I'm gonna make this kind of song, and that kind of song" mindset just because I was good at it. Content wise though its always been personable and authentic and I think that's why people gravitate to it. Dear Destiny is a continuation of Date With Destiny, on steroids and antler deer spray.

2. What is the concept behind the powerful speakers you have on the mixtape(Maya Angelou,Jay z Etc)

Well with each project I release I want to share more and more about me personally. The people who I chose to take excerpts from are all people I admire and have admired growing up. The excerpts also either tell my story in a sense or are things that compliment the things I have to say to the world. Things that inspired me when I heard them, and its my way of paying homage to them by keeping their message alive and spreading it the best way I know how. Only person left out was Stevie Wonder, because he's on the intro of my next mixtape.

3. You have been nick named the best in Dade bar for bar...even won an award for best lyricist, how do you think u have grown lyrically on this mixtape?

Honestly it's hard to identify my growth on this project because I held back so much. This project was more about a sound. We'd been working on this sound for about three years now, I gave it a test run with the first version of Dream Girl, Opposites Attract, and Better on the previous project. I have a lot of things to say, but I thought with this project I would take a step back and let the sound do the work before I get into the things I really have to say and share. The production on this mixtape is incredible and I decided to let it lead the way.

4. Tell me about the production on the mixtape. Was this a collaboration of producers are did you work with one specifically?

This project is produced solely by Feb9. He will soon be the go to guy in Florida period. He produced a song off my first mixtape The First Impression entitled "My Will" which is still one of my biggest songs to date. Its just something about his instrumentation that you just feel. I really felt it was a disconnect between me and the songs I made because they were never built from scratch. I always made songs to beats, this time we created songs from scratch. So to answer your initial question, that is the biggest difference between Dear Destiny and my prior work and I think people will identify that instantly. He's also producing Dondria's new Ep as well as my next mixtape. So people are gonna see for themselves.

5. Now my favorite song on the mixtape is "Mind State" with that R. Kelly dripping in the background...tell me what drew that joint out of you?

That record began with me and my homie Donny Strynger. I told him the direction of my mixtape and that R.Kelly record was where it led to. I gave the idea to Feb9 and he made the magic that he always does. I gave the record back to Donny Strynger and that's him who you hear on the guitar. He is an incredible musician and is someone you will hear on a lot of my work that I can't wait to release. As far as the content goes, I gave the listeners the mind state I carry on an everyday basis being from where I'm from, and let Shawn Carter break it down further. Also one of my favorites on the project.

6. In the song "Live" you talking about yo style...Bow Ties & fitted much of Dear Destiny is based off your real life?

All of it. Every single bit. In very scattered detail at this point but all pieces of my life past and present. We'll get to the who's/what's/ and when's in a little bit ha ha.

7. Final question...this is CelebrityMinistry so how does your faith help you maintain who you are in this industry?

My faith is everything. I'm a believer. I grew up in a program called the I Have A Dream Foundation. It's been instilled in me since a toddler to be a dreamer. Where I'm from and where I was raised people have such low expectations for us and I've refused to be a product of that. My aunt was a minister, and if I didn't learn anything at all from her I learned faith and belief is the key to everything in life. "Aim it, claim it, attain it" is the motto I live by.

Be sure to check back 3/3/ cop the brand new mixtape: Dear Destiny!!



For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him (John 3:36).

Most of us learned this scripture as a pre schooler..yet we have no revelation of it. God displayed HIMSELF(LOVE) in this manner that He SACRIFICED the Son, that WE could have everlasting life….but the kicker..HE DID THIS WHEN WE DIDN’T DESERVE IT!!

Do you understand this? We hear all the cliches and great rhetoric of not giving love to those who don’t deserve it etc…NEWSFLASH..WE DIDN’T DESERVE IT, BUT HE GAVE LOVE ANYWAY..HE GAVE HIMSELF!! And please don’t come to me with that ” well we are only human” God did not make “weak humans who were incapable of REPERESENTING HIM TO THE FULLEST! Did you forget You were MADE IN HIS IMAGE AND HIS LIKENESS? Did you not understand what Jesus was saying to Nicodemus when he said we must be REBORN of water & spirit? In it’s simplest form..RETURNED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF WHO GOD CREATED US TO BE..REDEEMED..YOU ARE NOT WHO THE WORLD SAYS YOU ARE, when you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, you my dear were REBORN(SPIRIT), and restored back to God’s original intent for your life!


STOP being so scary..and saying things like..”I just want to be happy, or surely the Lord wouldn’t want me dealing with this..all while forgetting that YOU SAID YOU KNEW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that God said that person was for you” now that’s it’s are ready to RUN. EITHER WE HAVE FAITH OR WE DON’T …Trust God! If someone ordained to be in your life, betrays you, does you wrong..etc..SEEK God, don’t run..listen to the instructions of the Holy Spirit, do all that He says..and watch the outcome.

But I understand that what’s truly happening in these circumstances is that we no longer TRUST GOD! I’m sorry..that won’t work for long…JUST BELIEVE HIM. Cause when you accepted Christ as Lord, your life no longer belongs to you. You are to be dedicated and submitted to doing the will of the Father. Now tell me WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE?



Off topic: You see a lot of people say that Chris and Robyn are " bad for each other" or " toxic" but aside from the 2009 incident I figure they argue and fought like any other couple and I don't get where people get this idea of " toxic" from. I haven't seen any evidence that they influence each other in a negative way. I remember she would always send encouraging tweets and scriptures. I know they had/have their issues but most of it seemed to be a maturity thing, and not a toxic thing.

celebrityministry answered:
It appears “toxic” to others because it is unadulterated, pure, without question LOVE, at it’s highest level.

Think on it this way. When God gives you a GIFT, it is 100% tailor made for you. He gives it to not only bring Glory to Him, but it will in every way shape and form do to the person given the gift..make room for that person.

Now it doesn’t matter what the GIFT is..whether it’s physical or will only enhance your life.

But here is the kicker about ANY GIFT that God gives, YOU MUST HAVE HIM(GOD) TO MAINTAIN THE GIFT HE HAS GIVEN. If not it can be easily perverted, misused, deceived, swayed, turned the other way, abandoned, rejected, and sometimes the one who received the gift may even look at it as a curse..or not even a gift from God anymore.

Yet when this happens, the person who walks away from, rejects, abandons the gift almost feels like they might as well die! It’s like whatever that Gift from God brought to them, without it, life is not worth living. And the devil all along has been trying to get the one who received the gift to abandon it, give it up, renounce it..worse yet say..IT’S NOT FROM GOD(remember the Pharisees tried to say that the things that Jesus did was not by the Holy Spirit but done by the devil..we also recall what Jesus told them..if not read Matthew 12).

The moral of the story is this..what people don’t understand they label NEGATIVELY. When the key is..ANY GIFT THAT GOD GIVES, MUST HAVE GOD TO BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THE GIFT. Why? Because it is conducive, necessary, a must have, for the CALLING THAT IS ON OUR LIVES. The Holy Spirit is not just giving out gifts randomly. And we know that just as Eve was made for Adam..God did not change his mind, that she was the one when she was DECEIVED. It was something they had to get through, and it had to be done with THE FATHER.