Saturday, March 1, 2014


Off topic: You see a lot of people say that Chris and Robyn are " bad for each other" or " toxic" but aside from the 2009 incident I figure they argue and fought like any other couple and I don't get where people get this idea of " toxic" from. I haven't seen any evidence that they influence each other in a negative way. I remember she would always send encouraging tweets and scriptures. I know they had/have their issues but most of it seemed to be a maturity thing, and not a toxic thing.

celebrityministry answered:
It appears “toxic” to others because it is unadulterated, pure, without question LOVE, at it’s highest level.

Think on it this way. When God gives you a GIFT, it is 100% tailor made for you. He gives it to not only bring Glory to Him, but it will in every way shape and form do to the person given the gift..make room for that person.

Now it doesn’t matter what the GIFT is..whether it’s physical or will only enhance your life.

But here is the kicker about ANY GIFT that God gives, YOU MUST HAVE HIM(GOD) TO MAINTAIN THE GIFT HE HAS GIVEN. If not it can be easily perverted, misused, deceived, swayed, turned the other way, abandoned, rejected, and sometimes the one who received the gift may even look at it as a curse..or not even a gift from God anymore.

Yet when this happens, the person who walks away from, rejects, abandons the gift almost feels like they might as well die! It’s like whatever that Gift from God brought to them, without it, life is not worth living. And the devil all along has been trying to get the one who received the gift to abandon it, give it up, renounce it..worse yet say..IT’S NOT FROM GOD(remember the Pharisees tried to say that the things that Jesus did was not by the Holy Spirit but done by the devil..we also recall what Jesus told them..if not read Matthew 12).

The moral of the story is this..what people don’t understand they label NEGATIVELY. When the key is..ANY GIFT THAT GOD GIVES, MUST HAVE GOD TO BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THE GIFT. Why? Because it is conducive, necessary, a must have, for the CALLING THAT IS ON OUR LIVES. The Holy Spirit is not just giving out gifts randomly. And we know that just as Eve was made for Adam..God did not change his mind, that she was the one when she was DECEIVED. It was something they had to get through, and it had to be done with THE FATHER.

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