Saturday, March 15, 2014


There is a way that seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death. (Proverbs 16:25 AMP)

To rihanna

Everyday you walk by the mantra tatted on your shoulder...never a failure only a lesson(paraphrasing) then you are giving yourself permission to give up!

You are allowing yourself to walk by your emotions, your intelligence and others wisdom..there are only a few Robyn that truly understand the anointing on your know how u know this, because they are the ones who keep reminding you of ALL YOUR HARD WORK..and how YOU have gotten to where you are on your own(while making sure they speak on the part they played) but u know what's more powerful, anything you DONE on your OWN ...MAN CAN TAKE IT AWAY(in that case no time to rest), think about that!

But what GOD SPOKE & MANIFESTED for your life no man can take it...YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE IT AWAY! You will have to walk away from it! I'm showing you this..trusting you to simply READ IT! Why? Simply because it's what The Lord desires you to know. AND I BELIEVE at some point in your life you confessed Christ as Lord! His LOVE for you Rih is unmatched! And all your prayers concerning your HUSBAND have been heard...STOP FOR ONE MINUTE! And have compassion.

You can't worry about fans/bosses etc...let God handle that. Who you are, where God has brought's for you to bring forth a generation!

😪😪🙏🙏 you both had so much deception around you(ppl looking out for their best interests understanding) when u two are together..what they won't their control is over. U think u in control..look just PRAY!

The Man U calling friend has an agenda to takeover the top spot and he knows only u have the status to walk in position of First Lady...the problem with that Robyn...HE DOES NOT HAVE GODS APPROVAL NOR ANOINTING TO DO THIS...God is however doing a work and raising up a POWER COUPLE TO GRAB THIS GENERATION...CHRISTOPHER BROWN & Robyn Fenty! It's beyond where you ARE Robyn! You don't have to trust God! This "power couple" is not as people are thinking! It's POWER from on high..that touches the heart of people. It touches the spirit of those who hear...and they are changed! It's not about worldly influence to gain more it's the exact opposite. As you can see, you have already garnered this fete.

Put into Him as much as u put into your career/life! Happiness is a fleeting emotion because ppl won't always get it right..but Joy of The Lord is continuous even in bad times! No one is responsible for making you simple decide to be happy or not! Circumstances only have as much power as we give them.

Your husband is in California, fighting for his life..people telling him he sick, he has disorders, medicating him, but GOD is keeping Him! Restoring him..he is a king Robyn! You alone have seen the depth of him even beyond any family member and you KNOW him. And he knows you. He will protect let his heart trust confidently in you. Stop running!

Don't walk away with the dowry God meant for him and give it to someone else. Get beyond the surface!

Your Intercessor

Celebrity Ministry


  1. How can you get this message to her? Please try to get this message to her. They are both listening to the wrong people. They need spiritual guidance to find each other again. I wish there was a way you could get this message to her. Please try.

  2. I pray that some how some way this message gets to Robyn. Lord prepare her heart to receive it. My this word fall on good ground and bring for fruit for your glory. Amen

  3. GOD BLESS, to this i say AMEN!

  4. You people are sick. Rihanna has a personal relationship with God. She does not need an intercessor. Get a life!

  5. "I total agree with everything you posted here!" "It begin with her & him & it will end with her & him through, Christ Jesus! Amen

  6. Amen! It's already done.

  7. we all need intercessors I beleive in Jesus as well the bible says one can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand