Wednesday, March 19, 2014


LOVE is not something you fall in and out of. Love is not something you simply feel or has you on an emotional rollercoaster. Love is not googley eyes and kisses all day. GOD IS LOVE. Therefore LOVE is the most POWERFUL (One) on this earth. Love displays itself through SACRIFICE! It's on full display when it shows it's ability to "die" for someone else who is GUILTY! Never calling them out in front of those who desire to persecute the guilty, but rather healing, restoring, and bringing forth another great characteristic of ITSELF(HIMSELF), GRACE. You know that unmerited favor that Christ demonstrates toward us.

You know I get it. From the shows we watch, the music we listen to, the scorn or hurt people we have encountered whose word we hold dear, the media etc we have come to believe and LIE ON LOVE. CALLING LOVE ALL SORTS OF NAMES, and not giving Love HIS PROPER GLORY, rather acting like Love is some disease we catch that we never wish we encountered.

Our greatest example of LOVE IS LOVE HIMSELF..and HE tells us constantly in HIS WORD that NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM HIM (LOVE), THAT He love us so much that He sent His Son to take the punishment we deserved! HE TOLD US THAT HE (LOVE) NEVER FAILS, AND YET WE DON'T BELIEVE HIM. Then we excuse it away saying we human, so we can never experience LOVE THIS WAY.

I'm here to tell you thats a lie! God (Love) will NEVER COMMAND ANYTHING OF YOU, THAT HE HAS NOT MADE YOU ABLE TO DO, or BE!

It's not about fairytales, and rainbows..this is about TRUE REALITY. For those who declare that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, what reality do you live in? You are IN THE WORLD, but you are NOT OF THE WORLD. Meaning, you don't walk by the world system and it's are not to live by it's standards and ways of doing things. You are to LIVE BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT.

So why is it so hard to believe that LOVE is something that can be here today and gone tomorrow? That love is not for everybody? That when the "pain" comes, or your LOVE capacity is being tested you are more concerned by how you LOOK to others (she stupid/he dumb..I wouldn't take that etc) versus MATURING IN LOVE? Do you realize how daily we have done something that would make what Christ did for us seem useless, and not worth it? Yet He did it to such a degree that HE OVERPAID..for your past, present and future. He did it for His own sake so that He would not have to judge you accordingly...and yet we still say things like..well I can forgive but not forget. Why? He tossed your sins into the sea of FORGETFULLNESS. You know why? Because if He was reminded then He has to judge you accordingly because HE IS A RIGHTEOUS GOD.

I know it's hard (to your flesh), but when we DARE TO GET IN THE SPIRIT, we have ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying..then and only then do we begin to live in REALITY.

Just know LOVE IS NOT FOR THE spiritual immature. Heck it's hard for the mature in Christ at times because we are constantly at war vs the flesh.

Last thing..when YOU FINALLY UNDERSTAND THAT become aware of the WORD SPOKEN CONCERNING YOUR LIFE, before you were ever born..AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE..YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ESCAPE WHAT'S IN YOUR SPIRITUAL DNA (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING CONCERNING YOUR LIFE...from your mate, your ministry, your gifts, talents, everything. Stop fighting against it with every excuse the world provides, and seek your Father in heaven, and let Him speak HIS WORDS OF LOVE TO YOU (His plan for your life). Simply say YES LORD..and go forward.


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