Monday, March 10, 2014


Because a mans soul is made up of his mind, will, and emotions...a soul tie made by God is one that can only be untied by Him!

God says in His word...what God has put together let no man out asunder(separate)!

But what is HE saying here? Jesus let it be known in the New Testament that God had not changed...the two shall become ONE flesh! It was in this way in the beginning! Jesus was saying in Matthew 19...nothing has changed! I don't care what HELL throws at those whom God has brought separate them will SHATTER THEM! That's another reason God hates divorce!

It's why when separation happens they become a shell of themselves!

Newsflash No one was designed to live in this earth separated from everyone! And it's God who reveals to you who He has joined you too! It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get to know God in such a way that you understand that who He assign you too..You need HIM to complete the assignment, life, ministry with that person!

You can go through life with your own agenda..screaming about being happy and it will all be a facade...because happiness is NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PURSUING....JOY IS!

Whew!!! The Joy that God gives NO MAN CAN EVER TAKE AWAY..Jesus did not say to you MY HAPPINESS I give to you...HE SAID JOY...two different WORDS!

Happiness is an emotion that comes and goes depending on circumstance but the Joy of The Lord ....that's yours for life!!

Soul mates go through all types of adversity...why? Because since the day of creation whomever GOD BROUGHT TOGETHER THEIR TASK OR MINISTRY WAS SO GREAT THAT IF THE DEVIL DIDNT ATTEMPT TO GET THEM TO QUIT OR GIVE UP..greatness happened in the earth like The children of Israel walking out of Egypt with Moses, Joseph saving them from famine, Abraham and Sarah being old having Isaac...Christ being BORN, CRUCIFIED for you and me!!

Understand the things of God!

I love you Lord! Thank You for fresh manna today!!

Let all who have ears to hear...hear what the Spirit is saying!

In Jesus name...Amen!

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