Thursday, March 27, 2014


While man judging the TEMPORAL THING...what they see now
God judge the heart…the REBORN SPIRIT…WHO HE DESTINED YOU TO BE! He sees the FINISHED PRODUCT! There is not ONE THING happening in anyone’s life that GOD CONSIDERS UNFIXABLE! If you notice He loves telling you WHO HE CREATED YOU TO BE when you so far from know the only way you will ever get there…become that is if HE DOES IT! “With Me all things are possible, without Me you can do nothing”

He can DELIVER YOU FROM DRUGS and HE can HEAL YOU FROM ABANDONMENT. He can provide for you daily needs as well as make a deaf person hear! HE IS GOD! He make dysfunctional/functional! He can make a 8yr old (Josiah) king of a nation! Make a donkey Have His will accomplished, but we think when it comes to love …OH HE CANT OR WONT DO ANYTHING CONCERNING THAT…I laugh…whoever u praying to give that god up! Cause He us not THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA…the King of kings!

I preached myself happy! I’m going to bed..whew if I can sleep..Jesu is Lord!


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