Sunday, May 4, 2014


Happy 21st birthday Christopher D. Young

Today I sat and thought about what I have this day brought forth for my life. And I wanted to share with you all today briefly how good out Heavenly Father is.

Most who are dedicated visitors of this blog knows that my son passed away 17yrs ago when he was 4yrs old. So I won't go back though that story but let me tell you how 17yrs later I realized how completely HEALED I am from the pain and depression of him passing on.

After everything happened people would come up to me and say "time will heal your wounds" and I would nod my head in agreeance saying yea as time goes by it the pain will lessen. Let me tell you this...NO! That's not true. Time heals nothing. There are so many people right now who are harbor in gall types of pain, hurts, depression, for years and the pain hasn't lessened but gotten worse. Let me tell you what HEALS you!

The FAITH IN GODS where healing is manifested. Why? Because the WORD MADE MANIFEST died and was resurrected that we may be healed! It wasn't until I began to "eat" the word and allow it to make an indelible impression on my heart to the degree that I agreed with it, and began to speak it in faith that I realized speaking about my son no longer came with PAIN.

Now there are times where I'm emotional, but not in a bad way..just the feeling if missing him. Yet I know it's because of his life that I gave my life to Christ. I know I will see him again! Glory to God.

Now let me end this by saying...your life has purpose. It doesn't matter if your 4, 24, 44, or 104...if you breathing you matter. Take the time to be healed. Christ died for it so take advantage of it! Get the truth f God's word in you! It's the WORD spoken in faith that heals!

Love CM


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