Sunday, May 25, 2014


1 CORINTHIANS 13:5,7-8
" keeps no records of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." (Amp)

What another marvelous day The Lord has given us to enjoy. Hello to all that are daily seeking fresh manna from heaven. Today the Holy Spirit has given me even more glorious insight to LOVE (Himself). How wonderful the Father is. Now let's take a moment to talk about LOVE...not man's version of love (that is experienced fleshly) but LOVE ...TRUE LOVE..GOD'S LOVE (which is only experienced where you LIVE FOREVER...SPIRIT). We know that true love is Because the bible tells us that God is Spirit. So attempting to experience true love in the flesh is what leads us to the "until!" And love is never "until" Love is a forever thing..why because it's spiritual!

Now let me help you understand this a little bit more. As you read this always remember that God is Love. (1 john 4:8)

In today's society love is looked at in the manner of emotions. Meaning as long as you make me happy, I love you. It's like as long as I'm emotionally love for you is never questioned, nor yours for me, but as soon as my emotions turn negative, or I'm unhappy, now there is an "until" that comes along with my love. Yet the scripture does not say that love is determined by our emotions. As a matter of fact emotion is not connected at all in the description of love anywhere in this chapter.

Now let's take Christopher and Robyn for example...I have people ask me, "how can you even think that Robyn would forgive Christopher for what he has done to her in the past?" or there is no way that Christopher will forgive Robyn for hanging with a guy that he doesn't like." Yet they don't have an understanding of how forgiveness and love are tied together. See LOVE IN IT'S PUREST FORM not only displays sacrifice, it also makes sure that it keeps no RECORDS OF WRONGS. Meaning that when you truly love someone you don't continually bring things of the past back up. When you forgive, you absolutely forget. Yes it's possible. We must remember why this is so. In Psalm 103:12 the word says "as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us." Understand what is being said here, our awesome Father in heaven is saying...I remember your sin no more, less I remember and have to judge you accordingly. See this is why REAL LOVE takes no records of wrongs..see it would be impossible to love unconditionally if we constantly have to be reminded of what someone did wrong.

Take Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty. Everywhere they go, people are constantly reminded them of what was wrong. People have taken RECORD of the wrongs, and continually remind them of 2009, whatever happened in 2013, as a way to say they should not be together. Yet for them, they are operating in the latter verses stated here..they haven't given up hope, cause they know Love never fails. And I don't care what language you look never up in still means NEVER. That tells me that no matter what love will always win. The power of Love, there is no match in this universe for know what..cause the by it the universe was created. So the created thing can never trump the creator. Remember God is Love.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, ENDURES all things. Understand that nothing that these two have endured to this point or beyond will LOVE not be able to conquer. That's every ill word, every reminder of what they have done wrong, said wrong, it does not matter...none of it matters..LOVE NEVER FAILS. I can't wait to see these two when the world finds out they are together again..not only that but when they let the world know they are married...or maybe even the day they reveal they are having their first child. So many people will be saved simply off the testimony of their love that was persevered by the Holy Spirit. When they see how God can change your heart, when they show how the word can transform your thinking. Or when they begin to speak to this generation about the good of God, and how He single handily changed them, gave them the words to speak to this generation that will lead them back to Himself. How he took to superstars and transformed their hearts and expanded their platform from simply being entertainers but being speakers of the gospel by the Holy Spirit.

Never underestimate God. He uses who He chooses. There is not one that He has called for His purpose that He could not equip to do the work. The same is for these two. His LOVE for this generation is to such a degree that before the foundation of the earth, He purposed Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty to come together to lead a generation back to Him. And soon, we shall all witness the glory of The Lord.

So understand, love has no is forever! Simply because love is spirit!

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