Saturday, May 24, 2014


Do you think they did Xscape justice with this cover?

The quadruple force that is Havok Jones, uniquely comprised of Kea Aleis, MaiDai, Aire B. and Neiko, embodies the vocal ability of En Vogue, charisma of TLC, star power of Destiny’s Child and strength of Xscape. United as one with four daring, Atlanta-savvy personalities, the resurgence of the girl group starts and ends with the multitalented Havok Jones.

Ambitiously paired and given their name ‘Havok Jones’ by group creator and vocal coach Ms. Queen, the ladies quickly defined their new alias: “Similar to the cliché, instead of keeping up with the Jones’, we wreck havoc on them,” said Havok Jones. “Since the Jones’ are the pinnacle of success, we want to overachieve and surpass the standard – humbly.”
In 2012, Havok Jones was founded on the principles of live vocal ability and since then has developed into an untouchable singing powerhouse with defining tone, diction, breath control, technique and exuberant flair. From East Point to Decatur, the Atlanta influence on Havok Jones’ music and unity is undeniable.

The Southern hummingbirds credit their hometown girl group heroes for their relatable, quality sound. The wild, crazy, weird, fun, classy, lady-like combination of talent has just begun their voyage to the top. Their continued ethic to succeed and drive for excellence solidifies this notion: Four leaders. One sound.
Kea Aleis – Goofy. Strong. Reserved. Confident.
MaiDai – Wild. Fun. Crazy. Care-Free.
Aire B. – Realist. Forward. Feisty. Energetic
Neiko – Awkward. Innovative. Weird. Emotional.

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