Monday, May 12, 2014


So the Ovo crew strikes again. Drake new artist OB OBrien, drops a brand new track with the boy called, 2 On/Thotful. The rapper has everyone wondering if he is dissing Rihanna in the new track..stating  On the second part of the song, entitled “Thotful,” he toasts to the thots. “We’re not in this for commitment / Your man’s gone and you don’t miss him,” ....yet is he really dissing the Bajan beauty? I don't know. I mean please. Yet as the twitter dragging of Drake commence by the Navy..I'm just so happy that this Aubrih stuff is put the rest. Rihanna has separated herself from the Canadian rapper for over a month now..what really look more like a publicity stunt for the rapper in my opinion..cause there never seem to be a true 'love' connection.

 The Word of the Lord 3-30-14
Concerning Drake and Rihanna, there is nothing to worry about. Her HEART is for her HUSBAND CHRISTOPHER. Drake tried, yet I raised up a standard against him. he will RETURN BACK to what he knows.

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