Monday, May 12, 2014


So a video just surfaced from none other than TMZ that shows Solange throwing hands at her brother-inlaw, Jay Z. I have no idea what the younger sister could have been so upset about, but it definitely was no love lost in that elevator. What I can't understand is why Bey literally did nothing? I'm not talking about fight her husband or fight her sister, I'm talking about grabbing her sister, or her husband or something..but she literally DID NOTHING. Now again..who knows what was happening, but we know how protective Solange is over her big sis..and for the people thinking Solange is broke, ya'll better start checking the SONGWRITING CREDIT'S for her, specifically on Bey's albums. Check out the video below.

I have to ask myself is this part of the word I received 1/12/14
RocNation is coming down..the only one spared will be Rihanna. It's funny because I always thought how would that happen Lord Rihanna is not signed to RocNation..but it was announced a week ago that the Bajan beauty has left Def Jam, and indeed signed with RocNation.

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