Friday, June 6, 2014


From the intercessors called to pray, to the casual fan.

The Holy Spirit showed me two sets of people, with a gap in between them. They were screaming and shouting across this gap at one another, and watching was Christopher. He looked so confused. And sad. He just didn't understand what the fuss was about, why his life mattered to anyone.

Then he walked to the LEFT side of the gap...and in that crowd were people he was familiar with. People that HAD BECOME a part of his life, his friends he called them. His riders, not since day one, but since that day and he was grateful to them. Yet as he scanned the group he noticed one thing: THERE WAS NO ONE THERE THAT COULD HELP HIM TO GROW. There was no one to challenge him. There was no one to SPEAK THE WORD OF GOD OVER HIM...HE WAS IN AN ESSENCE god (don't take this literally yet I'm writing this by the Spirit of God)! The people on the LEFT side latched on and began to "drain" him spiritually.

He stepped out of the crowd! And looked to the right! And he walked over! And the crowd enveloped him, put their hands on his head and began to pray! He was strengthened! He began to cry out: I'm not worthy to be LOVED by You Lord! Look at me! And The Lord said: you have been made WORTHY CHRISTOPHER! RECEIVE MY LOVE, FOR I HAVE LOVED YOU SINCE THE DAY I CREATED YOU, BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN A SEED PLACED IN YOUR MOTHERS WOMB. I SENT MY SON, YES FOR YOU AS WELL! YOU ARE WORTHY! And the people laid hands on him again, and his EYES WERE OPENED! NO NOT TO SEE THE MOTIVES OF OTHERS, but his eyes were opened THAT HE FINALLY SEEN WHO GOD CREATED HIM TO BE!

In this vision The Lord (Glory to God) allowed me to know, Christopher did not have a problem seeing "who the others were" his problem was that he did not believe HE WAS WHO GOD SAID HE WAS! A king! Part of a royal priesthood!

No matter where you fall in the category, you must get in the spirit! This is also for each of our lives. You PURPOSE is not predicated on you being "comfortable" or "the man/woman" in your circle! You purpose is always attached to someone else, and there are always those that the Father will place around you that will CHALLENGE YOU to the degree of almost madness if you don't comply and walk it out! It will go against your EMOTIONS, your WILL, MIND(soul) and more so YOUR FLESH! The BROAD ROAD IS NEVER TO BE TRAVELED WHEN WALKING OUT YOUR PURPOSE THROUGH CHRIST..which means THE POPULAR OPINION, the ENABLERS..generally shows you...YOU ARE ON THE WRONG ROAD! There is only ONE plan that is the absolute BEST PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY for those of us who believe in Christ ...when you SEE will hear WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT ENTER INTO MY REST! Why because He have His life for you, then you gave back to Him and you followed HIS instructions so you could walk out HIS PLAN, so your reward in heaven IS GREAT!

May The Lord give eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying!



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