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The singer released the title track X Friday, letting his fans know that it would be an immediate download when the Itunes pre-sale went up. Well as the album became available for pre-sale there was some confusion about the features on the album. Chris had let it be known who would be on the album last year, from Kendrick Lamar, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Brandy, to not see any of the females names listed on the Itunes tracklisting, some fans were left confused.

But over in the morning this tracklisting emerged, showing that indeed the ladies were on the tracks, from LetsSingIt

So I will say this now I was ordering 10 copies of this joint. One hard copy for me, then the other for my iphone. I'm gifting 8 copies so be sure to stay tuned for that. Now when I seen this tracklisting, I was like okay..cause I remember Chris talking about the joint with Brandy, and I definitely want to hear that joint..and of course the Rihanna joint as well. Definitely but I know ya'll see that R. KELLY COLLABORATION..yes..RnB baby. I'm so ready!

Go to Itunes and pre order your copy of Chris Brown's 6th studio album: X dropping 9/16.

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These things shall surely take place. These things are such that God your Father will be glorified.
1. Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty shall come together as one speaking to this generation by the Holy Spirit of God. They will not hesitate to acknowledge Me, says the Lord. The brood of vipers that have come, will come against them, has been, will be defeated. This is sure. Again what you see on the surface is not what it is.
2. Robyn is already sure of this one thing, that her lfie is not her own, but she has given it to Me to do My will. Christopher believes, and yet those around him bring confusion, but they will be removed for good. Karrueche last resort will be bold and brazen and aimed to get Robyn to walk away for good, because it is satan's desire that Chris does not walk in his kingship! IN the greatness I have bestowed upon him. Yet I will use his wife to restore him. She will, by the Holy Spirit, bring him back to the place he belongs in the King's presence.
3. This thing with Drake is NOT Chris idea, it is not his doing, although forgiveness and healing will take place, it's not a friendship that is budding or even that of a work relationship.
4. Karrueche has attempted numerous times to ruin, come out on top, as far as Robyn is concerned, and though Robyn has felt defeated at some points, she understands the tactic of the enemy, and now she will rise up and put a complete end to Kae's tactics says the Lord.

Sometimes when God chooses someone to do His will that the world thinks is not worthy, is when we all should believe that it's definitely possible, because those in the bible, ALL AT SOME POINT SEEM TO NOT FIT THE MOLD..yet GOD. Consider this saints when you are praying and seeking God for your purpose, or if you are an intercessor, and the Lord has called you to pray for someone, remember, don't question why He wants you to pray for them, just make sure you are praying by the Spirit of the Living God, and have FAITH. 

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Chris Brown just dropped a new single off his upcoming album X, called X. Check out the title track, and be sure to cop the album on 9/16. Itunes Pre-Order goes on Sale 8/25, and get this song with immediate purchase.

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This brand new track from ISRAEL & NEW BREED is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at

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4-18-14 Word of the Lord Concerning Rihanna

Rihanna-thus says the Lord, flee to the hills oh bride of My youth. For I shall meet you there. I have not abandoned you. Lo I Am with you says the Lord. I have a plan for you. A plan of good and not of evil, a plan to bring you to an expected end. You Robyn have seen My plan for you. It has not changed! These things happening is for the shaping and equipping you both of where I Am taking you. There the enemy will attempt to pounce on you and leave you for dead. But FEAR NOT for I have  given him NO POWER over you. I have called you for such a time as this, and those around you who constantly speak evil against MY WORD says the LORD shall be removed, swiftly and without warning. They will be removed from influence over you. This time Kae will be removed for good. The time is now in which I have appointed the vision for. The time is upon you.

4-18-14 Word of the Lord Concerning Chris Brown
Christopher My son whom I called, whom I have given My Spirit to do My will, LOOK UP! Look into the hills from which comes your Help. The wife of your youth has been kept for you. Even on this day I have kept her for you. I have restored you into your rightful place, kingship, in the kingdom. You will lead this generation back to Me by the words of My Spirit says the Lord God of hosts. I had set forth an appointed time for you, and the time has come that you My son shall be freed from ALL that ails you. NO MEDICATIONS! You are not BiPolar II. You will sleep and have rest like never before. Your eyes and strength are for your wife. By Me princes govern, and all nobles who rule on earth. You are a king and by Me you will rule/lead this generation.

4-18-14 Word of the Lord Concerning Christopher Brown and Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty Brown, surely TOGETHER I have joined you. And surely No Man shall separate what I have brought forth. My word shall go forth into the thing in which I sent it. I sent My word into you Christopher! Into you Robyn. Don't be afraid! The threats of the enemy are of no effect, for the whole world is mine and the fullness thereof. Christopher with your RIGHT HAND take her LEFT HAND and keep the covenant in which you BOTH agreed to: to love each other unconditionally form this day forward.


 Here Me says the Lord. I have put My Spirit in the hearts of Christopher and Robyn. My words dwell in their hearts. They shall by the word of their testimony bring forth and indelible impression into the hearts of millions of WHO I AM! This generation will be turned upside down, and brought to it's knees to worship Me. A revival, a revival is coming. Christopher and his wife, will tell the world of My goodness, of My mercy, of My grace, My love. Robyn's heart has not changed toward Christopher. It will never be for another. They are ONE! I says the Lord joined them together! I have done this thing. My vision, nor My purpose has changed toward them. It is the same even since I spoke My word over them. They are My seeds planted bloom with good fruit produced from them, that may be eaten. Because it's My Word that comes from them. I told you to watch Robyn, then do that! Don't be pulled to and fro, nor speak back and forth with those who don't agree.

It's not your job to persuade others, you are to speak what I say in faith, believing! Trust in Me, for these things shall surely come to pass. I have spoken them. I the Lord turn the kings heart whatsoever way I will. Christopher heart is now and forever more trust confidently in Robyn. Now as far as the chaos surrounding the two, it shall all dissapate. The Word will reveal truth. Karrueche is continually showing forth the spirit she is operating under. This spirit of deception is straight from hell and yet it has no power over ME. It has no authority to obtain victory. And in just a little while it will stand before a mass of people attempting to lie its way out of the chaos it brought forth. But in its on chaos it will be trapped. In its own lies it will dwell. The world will cast stones at Karrueche, she will then bow her knee before ME, and I will save her!

Christopher Maurice Brown and Robyn Rihanna Fenty Brown are ONE LOVE created and joined by God for such a time as this, to change the course of a generation by the testimony of their hearts through Christ Jesus.

This was the word spoken 6/8/14

As I see things began to unfold for the past two days the Lord has been instructing me to use the platform for what it's declare His word.-CelebrityMinistry

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Finally Chris Brown has dropped his brand new video for his latest single: New Flame, featuring Usher and Rick Ross. But let me say how great this is, because someone finally got the marketing right on this. Chris dropped the video minutes after he and rnb crooner Trey Songz began going back and forth about a tour this fall. Man listen, Chris Brown about to get all my coins. Check out the video and cop the song on itunes now.

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