Sunday, August 24, 2014


These things shall surely take place. These things are such that God your Father will be glorified.
1. Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty shall come together as one speaking to this generation by the Holy Spirit of God. They will not hesitate to acknowledge Me, says the Lord. The brood of vipers that have come, will come against them, has been, will be defeated. This is sure. Again what you see on the surface is not what it is.
2. Robyn is already sure of this one thing, that her lfie is not her own, but she has given it to Me to do My will. Christopher believes, and yet those around him bring confusion, but they will be removed for good. Karrueche last resort will be bold and brazen and aimed to get Robyn to walk away for good, because it is satan's desire that Chris does not walk in his kingship! IN the greatness I have bestowed upon him. Yet I will use his wife to restore him. She will, by the Holy Spirit, bring him back to the place he belongs in the King's presence.
3. This thing with Drake is NOT Chris idea, it is not his doing, although forgiveness and healing will take place, it's not a friendship that is budding or even that of a work relationship.
4. Karrueche has attempted numerous times to ruin, come out on top, as far as Robyn is concerned, and though Robyn has felt defeated at some points, she understands the tactic of the enemy, and now she will rise up and put a complete end to Kae's tactics says the Lord.

Sometimes when God chooses someone to do His will that the world thinks is not worthy, is when we all should believe that it's definitely possible, because those in the bible, ALL AT SOME POINT SEEM TO NOT FIT THE MOLD..yet GOD. Consider this saints when you are praying and seeking God for your purpose, or if you are an intercessor, and the Lord has called you to pray for someone, remember, don't question why He wants you to pray for them, just make sure you are praying by the Spirit of the Living God, and have FAITH. 

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