Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 Here Me says the Lord. I have put My Spirit in the hearts of Christopher and Robyn. My words dwell in their hearts. They shall by the word of their testimony bring forth and indelible impression into the hearts of millions of WHO I AM! This generation will be turned upside down, and brought to it's knees to worship Me. A revival, a revival is coming. Christopher and his wife, will tell the world of My goodness, of My mercy, of My grace, My love. Robyn's heart has not changed toward Christopher. It will never be for another. They are ONE! I says the Lord joined them together! I have done this thing. My vision, nor My purpose has changed toward them. It is the same even since I spoke My word over them. They are My seeds planted bloom with good fruit produced from them, that may be eaten. Because it's My Word that comes from them. I told you to watch Robyn, then do that! Don't be pulled to and fro, nor speak back and forth with those who don't agree.

It's not your job to persuade others, you are to speak what I say in faith, believing! Trust in Me, for these things shall surely come to pass. I have spoken them. I the Lord turn the kings heart whatsoever way I will. Christopher heart is now and forever more trust confidently in Robyn. Now as far as the chaos surrounding the two, it shall all dissapate. The Word will reveal truth. Karrueche is continually showing forth the spirit she is operating under. This spirit of deception is straight from hell and yet it has no power over ME. It has no authority to obtain victory. And in just a little while it will stand before a mass of people attempting to lie its way out of the chaos it brought forth. But in its on chaos it will be trapped. In its own lies it will dwell. The world will cast stones at Karrueche, she will then bow her knee before ME, and I will save her!

Christopher Maurice Brown and Robyn Rihanna Fenty Brown are ONE LOVE created and joined by God for such a time as this, to change the course of a generation by the testimony of their hearts through Christ Jesus.

This was the word spoken 6/8/14

As I see things began to unfold for the past two days the Lord has been instructing me to use the platform for what it's for..to declare His word.-CelebrityMinistry

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