Tuesday, August 19, 2014


4-18-14 Word of the Lord Concerning Rihanna

Rihanna-thus says the Lord, flee to the hills oh bride of My youth. For I shall meet you there. I have not abandoned you. Lo I Am with you says the Lord. I have a plan for you. A plan of good and not of evil, a plan to bring you to an expected end. You Robyn have seen My plan for you. It has not changed! These things happening is for the shaping and equipping you both of where I Am taking you. There the enemy will attempt to pounce on you and leave you for dead. But FEAR NOT for I have  given him NO POWER over you. I have called you for such a time as this, and those around you who constantly speak evil against MY WORD says the LORD shall be removed, swiftly and without warning. They will be removed from influence over you. This time Kae will be removed for good. The time is now in which I have appointed the vision for. The time is upon you.

4-18-14 Word of the Lord Concerning Chris Brown
Christopher My son whom I called, whom I have given My Spirit to do My will, LOOK UP! Look into the hills from which comes your Help. The wife of your youth has been kept for you. Even on this day I have kept her for you. I have restored you into your rightful place, kingship, in the kingdom. You will lead this generation back to Me by the words of My Spirit says the Lord God of hosts. I had set forth an appointed time for you, and the time has come that you My son shall be freed from ALL that ails you. NO MEDICATIONS! You are not BiPolar II. You will sleep and have rest like never before. Your eyes and strength are for your wife. By Me princes govern, and all nobles who rule on earth. You are a king and by Me you will rule/lead this generation.

4-18-14 Word of the Lord Concerning Christopher Brown and Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Christopher Brown and Robyn Fenty Brown, surely TOGETHER I have joined you. And surely No Man shall separate what I have brought forth. My word shall go forth into the thing in which I sent it. I sent My word into you Christopher! Into you Robyn. Don't be afraid! The threats of the enemy are of no effect, for the whole world is mine and the fullness thereof. Christopher with your RIGHT HAND take her LEFT HAND and keep the covenant in which you BOTH agreed to: to love each other unconditionally form this day forward.

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