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Now we can go back and forth all day with the meaning of the tattoo that Chris Brown now has on his head, but it's really a no brainer: Taurus the Bull (which is his zodiac sign) Venus de Milo-Aphrodite-Pisces..yea you know where I'm headed..only Chris Brown. :)


Teyana Taylor just dropped a hot new mixtape: The Cassette 1994. This gives you straight 90's RnB vibe.  Using old school beats like from Poison(Bell Biv DeVoe) to You Remind Me (Mary J Blige) I'm definitely feeling it. Take a listen below & Download.

Teyana Taylor - The Cassette Tape 1994



br /> Chris Brown sat down with tattoo artist @iamkingrico in NYC to get the "goddess of love" tattooed in his head.

Now I knew it wouldn't be long before we seen a new tattoo pop up on the legend, seeing that Rihanna just recently had a dope tatt done herself, which actually is very similar in relation to the one Chris got in 2013. It's their birth years on the right foot and ankle respectively.

What do you think of the singers new tattoo?


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Chris Brown and French Montana collaborate on another joint: Gangsta Way. Not sure if this will be on Chris's new album, but take a listen.


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Can we just take it back to 2yrs ago..around this time..2013! Remember the words of Pastor Macdonold “he had needles all around him, filled with demonic forces all around him, and in the spirit he saw himself go over and lay hands on him, and he was delivered…layer by layer” it was particular in June of 2013 when the Lord began to speak to me concerning Chris Brown, and since that time so much has happened, from rants to rehab, to jail, to loyalty to the wrong ones, division, isolation, drugs, sex, gangs…YET GOD!! We have seen two random shootings, media draggings, etc…SPIRITUAL WARFARE! And on this day that CB tweeted the link to this sermon those who listened heard him speak concerning “Hollywood” to this generation. Spoke about the Lord wanting this generation..etc. 
That was two years ago! And from then to now we see LAYERS BEING PEELED BACK! We see what was once obstacles, no longer a threat to his life, his kingship. Yet this is the time to pray more! Keep him lifted up! When the Lord delivers us, the temptation will find its way back around, it’s in that moment u truly see how far u have come or how much u have grown. 
CB like the rest of us is a work in progress..the Holy Spirit is working in him to get him to the place God called him too and He won’t fail. 
To God Be The Glory!



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Chris Brown teams up with Benny Benassi for another smash hit called: Paradise. The two hooked up before on Chris's hit single: Beautiful People, off his grammy award winning F.A.M.E. album. Take a listen below and tell me if you think they got another smash on their  hands.

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I been waiting for this new track from SWV. Buy it here.


Chris Brown has the Midas touch. “All Eyes On You,” “Post To Be,” “Ayo,” “Fun” — a C Breezy feature seems to be just the thing that takes a song from good to bangin’. Chris’ latest pairing is with Rita Ora on her sexy pop single “Body On Me,” the video for which dropped today. While beloved overseas, Rita isn’t so much in America. Her 2012 debut Ora was never released here. People have a hard time understanding her music because we haven’t heard all of it. Hence the comparisons to Rihanna. The slut-shaming. The dismissive tone people use towards her. For whatever reason — romantic relationships, management choices, undefined image — Rita has a negative reputation here, but she’s trying to break free of that. “Body On Me” feels very much like an attempt by Rita to tap into an American fanbase. Landing a Chris Brown feature is big for her because Chris is big. He can’t do wrong musically despite what goes on in his personal life. He can sing, he can dance, he can make great music. Is he Rita’s ticket to finding an American audience? -VH1

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The fragrance was available in a limited supply today. I say limited because after about 15min of the superstar tweeting the link, it crashed first, then the message read it was on back order. #QueenRih

The new fragrance is selling for $60 at Macy's. Click the link to get yours now.



Seems Lil Kim and the father of her precious baby girl (Royal Reign) have made up. The two have been going through a nasty custody battle that left the two at odds concerning their daughter. Well Jeremy Neil aka Mr. Papers took to his Instagram to share his feelings toward the Queen Bee. Here is her response (also on IG). 

Look at God ! .... As mad as I am and was .. How can I be mad at this smh .. This is very sweet @mr_papers .... We all make mistakes none of us are perfect , but it's when we can acknowledge our mistakes is when we begin to grow into the beautiful men and women God intended for us to be 
I love @mr_papers and always have. we have been thru hell and heaven 2gether and have made a beautiful baby girl , we were on our way to being a very happy family but the devil has tried to intervene many of times even to the point of bringing us into court to a nasty custody battle but what the devil meant for bad God turned into good 
The things that he's done have been a hard pill to swallow and I kno it is for a lot of Kim supporters ......I still want to put some of royal 's dirty poop diapers in his suit case without him knowing 
But this 👆mr papers is some beautiful grown man shit. this is the side I always wanted ppl to see 
At the end of the day it's all about Princess Royal Reign 
And now we can move forward to being a happy healthy family and my daughter will have her Mommy and Daddy in her life 
God gets the victory!!!
Thank you #teamkim and the #killerbeehive for always being there through good and rough times. After weeks of going to court...Now it's  back to the money!!! On my way to the studio team kim. ™@lilkimthequeenbee

Really praying they can remember this same attitude when they have any type of issues again. Cause one thing we know the devil never stops coming, and we better be WORD OF GOD READY. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Let me just start by saying, I'm really praying for Lamar Odom. The things that this man has endured, it's amazing he is even alive right now. We all know of the tragedies that have struck Lamar's life, from losing his mother, grandmother, an infant child, to being driven by a car service who accidently struck someone and killed them, while he was on the way to the funeral of a family member. That coupled with the infamous Lakers trade that "almost happened" that would have sent him to the New Orleans (then Hornets) for Chris Paul. And this was right after a championship year, and when we seen Lamar have one of the best seasons of his 12yr career where he was named the NBA's 6th man of the year. So much has happened. He seemed to had the woman of his dreams but with all the aforementioned that happened, he seemed to spiral downward into a place where it was no one but God that could bring him out. This led to his inevitable divorce to Khloe, and Lamar trying to find his way back into the NBA. But after being cut by the NY Knicks last season, not sure if that will happen.

Now he finds himself in the headlines again, this time with TMZ running a story saying he "Ambushed Khloe" while she was headed to the gym...and LAMAR HAS HAD ENOUGH. Listen to him tell the TMZ reporter how he feels about the way he believes they have assassinated his character.

Lamar seems so upset because Khloe hasn't spoke up at least to say he wasn't stalking her or ambushed her. Then says if it happens again he airing everything out.

"Ya'll don't do Leo(DiCaprio) like that. Ya'll don't do Brad(Pitt) like that."

It just breaks my heart man.


Rihanna is coming to “The Voice.” The “Bitch Better Have My Money” singer will join Season 9 of NBC’s hit singing competition as “key adviser” to judges Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.

The network made the announcement during the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday (via The Wrap), and “The Voice” welcomed RiRi on Twitter.

Rihanna previously performed “Diamonds” on “The Voice” season finale in December 2012.

She is the latest superstar to join the lineup. Missy Elliott will serve as celebrity advisor to Pharrell Williams, Selena Gomez will guest as Gwen Stefani’s advisor, John Fogerty as Adam Levine’s, and Brad Paisley will be paired with Blake Shelton.

Season 9 of “The Voice” premieres Sept. 21.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Officer Brad Miller fired after it was determined he lied about murdering teenager Christian Taylor
Officer Brad Miller of the Arlington, Texas, Police Department killed standout college student Christian Taylor, tried to cover it up, has been caught covering it up, and was just fired.

Those are the facts.

What's wild, though, is he's still free—probably home watching The Price Is Right, while a beloved teenager is dead and gone. A younger brother lost his role model, a girlfriend lost her love, parents lost their pride and joy, teammates lost their inspirational leader, countless friends lost the most generous dude they knew.

At least three people/systems completely failed Taylor.

1. Officer Brad Miller, a 49-year-old trainee of the Arlington Police Department, clearly failed Taylor. It appears that Taylor, who was unarmed, needed some type of medical intervention, but instead was shot and killed by a man who was clearly intimidated by nothing more than Taylor's blackness.

2. The Arlington Police Department failed Christian Taylor, failed his family, and failed the nation on how this shooting was handled. Taylor's father said the police wouldn't even speak to him or take his calls. As most police departments do, agency officials then floated a fake story about the murder for days to protect their officer. This story did untold damage to Taylor's reputation and set the tone for how millions of people first saw the case.

3. The local and national media failed Christian Taylor, failed his family, and failed the nation by reporting, over and over and over again, that Officer Brad Miller shot and killed Christian Taylor during a fight between the two of them.

The local paper called it an altercation.

Countless outlets herehereherehere, and here called it a struggle.

Now police admit Taylor was actually 7 to 10 feet away when shot by Officer Brad Miller and no struggle ever took place. At all.

This officer needs to be arrested. He did much more than violate policies, he killed a kid and tried to cover it up. Every single media outlet that parroted the lies of this officer needs to retract their story and make a statement apologizing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


R. Kelly's set to release his new album Buffett on September 25th, and today, we get to hear the first single. Much less bedroom-centric than most of his material, the lead single "Backyard Party" was made to soundtrack the exact sort of get together referenced in its title.
Acting as a family friendly respite from his last album, 2013's Black Panties, as well as all of the allegations that still haven't been resolved, "Backyard Party" has Kellz literally telling us all of the things he likes to do during BBQs. That sounds mundane, but the song's actually pretty fun.
[via 2DopeBoyz]

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[NEWS] HONORING MICHAEL BROWN (1Yr Anniversary of his death)

Written by the Associated Press

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The anniversary of 18-year-old Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, began with a solemn march in his honor and ended with a rowdy protest that was interrupted by gunfire.

Shot rang out around 11:15 p.m. Sunday as several hundred people gathered on West Florissant Avenue.

St. Louis County Police said in an emailed statement that an officer who came under "heavy gunfire" had returned shots.

It wasn't immediately clear whether any one was injured in the shooting, but minutes after the shots were heard, an Associated Press photographer saw a man lying face down, covered in blood, behind a boarded-up restaurant. It wasn't immediately clear how badly the man was injured.

Later, an AP reporter saw a woman overcome with grief. Friends were consoling her. She screamed: "Why did they do it?" Another woman nearby fainted.

A man nearby said, "They killed my brother."

The police department tweeted that at least two unmarked cars were hit by gunfire. A spokesman didn't immediately respond to questions about the shooting.

Several events earlier Sunday marked the anniversary of the killing that cast greater scrutiny on how police interact with black communities. Brown's father, Michael Brown Sr., led a march through town after a crowd of hundreds observed 4½ minutes of silence.

The group began their silence at 12:02 p.m., the time Brown was killed, for a length of time that symbolized the 4½ hours that his body lay in the street after he was killed. Two doves were released at the end.

The elder Brown then held hands with others to lead the march, which started at the site where his son, who was black and unarmed, was fatally shot by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. A grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice declined to prosecute Wilson, who resigned in November, but the shooting touched off a national "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Pausing along the route at a permanent memorial for his son, Michael Brown Sr. said, "Miss you."

He had thanked supporters before the march for not allowing what happened to his son to be "swept under the carpet."

Later, a few hundred people turned out at Greater St. Mark Family Church for a service to remember Brown, with his father joining other relatives sitting behind the pulpit. Anthony Gray, a Brown family attorney pressing a wrongful-death lawsuit against Ferguson, Wilson and his former police chief, suggested that justice will be served on Michael Brown's behalf.

Gray told the crowd: "You knew in your gut that (the shooting) wasn't right. And you knew what that officer did was unjustified."

The two-hour commemoration, featuring a mime dance and a rap-infused version of "Lean on Me" peppered between reflections about Brown, thinned as it wore on. Roughly 50 still remained by the time Michael Brown Sr. was finally handed the microphone to thank attendees and close out the event, saying, "This movement is going to be a good movement."

The anniversary has sparked days of renewed protests, though until Sunday they had been peaceful and without any arrests.

Before the shots were fired, protesters were blocking traffic and confronting police. One person threw a glass bottle at officers but missed.

For the first time in three consecutive nights of protests, some officers were dressed in riot gear, including bullet-proof vests and helmets with shields.

Organizers of some of the weekend activities have pledged a day of civil disobedience on Monday, but have not yet offered specific details.

Earlier, at the march, some wore T-shirts with likenesses of Brown or messages such as "Please stop killing us" or "Hands up! Don't shoot!" which became a rallying cry during the sometimes-violent protests that followed the shooting a year ago.

But the focus of the weekend has largely been on Brown, who graduated from high school weeks before the shooting and planned to go to trade school to study to become a heating and air conditioning technician.

Relatives and friends described Brown as a quiet, gentle giant who stood around 6-foot-3, weighed nearly 300 pounds and was eager to start technical college. But police said Brown stole items from a convenience store and shoved the owner who tried to stop him on the morning of Aug. 9, 2014. Moments later, he and a friend were walking on Canfield Drive when Wilson, who is white, told them to move to the sidewalk.

That led to a confrontation inside Wilson's police car. It spilled outside, and Wilson claimed that Brown came at him, menacingly, leading to the fatal shooting. Some witnesses claimed Brown had his hands up in surrender. Federal officials concluded there was no evidence to disprove testimony by Wilson that he feared for his safety, nor was there reliable evidence that Brown had his hands up in surrender when he was shot.

The shooting led to protests, some violent, and the unrest escalated again in November when a St. Louis County grand jury determined that Wilson did nothing wrong. He resigned days later. The November riots included fires that burned more than a dozen businesses.

The Justice Department reached the same conclusion in March, clearing Wilson. But in a separate report, the Justice Department cited racial bias and profiling in policing as well as a profit-driven municipal court system that often targeted black residents, who make up about two-thirds of Ferguson's populace.

Ferguson's city manager, police chief and municipal judge resigned within days of that report. All three were white. The new judge, interim city manager and interim police chief are all black.


Associated Press reporter Jeff Roberson contributed to this report.


This story has been updated to reflect the protesters were gathered on West Florissant Avenue.

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According to the Associate Press

DALLAS (AP) — An unarmed college football player was shot dead at a suburban Dallas car dealership by a trainee police officer during a middle-of-the-night burglary call. The death of 19-year-old Christian Taylor has raised some of the same questions as other recent police shootings involving unarmed suspects.

Here are some things to know about the investigation:



Police were contacted by a company that manages security cameras at Classic Buick GMC in Arlington at about 1 a.m. Friday. Sgt. Paul Rodriguez, an Arlington police spokesman, told The Associated Press that police were advised that someone had driven a car onto the lot, started to damage another car, then drove his own vehicle into the glass front of the showroom.

Officer Brad Miller and another officer entered the dealership and approached the subject as other officers set a perimeter around the dealership, Rodriguez said.

According to a police statement, an "altercation" of some kind ensued and Miller shot Taylor.



Miller, 49, joined Arlington's police department in September. Although he had completed the police academy and was a fully licensed officer, he was still completing a 16-week field training program required of new officers, Rodriguez said. His training officer was with him at the time of the shooting, Rodriguez said.

Miller has no disciplinary record and had not fired his gun in the line of duty before Friday, Rodriguez said.

His work history before joining the Arlington police is unclear. State records show his name and address listed as an executive with two businesses, one of which was a web hosting service that is now dormant.



Taylor graduated last year from Mansfield Summit High School in Arlington and was listed on Angelo State's roster as a 5-foot-9, 180-pound freshman defensive back.

In his only known criminal charge, Taylor received six months' deferred adjudication on a drug charge after police found him with 11 hydrocodone tablets that were not prescribed to him, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. He completed that sentence and the case was dismissed.

His father, Adrian Taylor, told KTVT-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth that his son was "just a good dude" who would give the shoes off his feet to someone in need. He said he didn't know why Christian would have been at the car dealership at that time of night, but that he shouldn't have been killed.

"You know, it could have been too much drinking, he could have been wrong place at the wrong time, he could have gotten something and he didn't know what he was getting," Adrian Taylor said.



Police say they are investigating Taylor's death both as a possible criminal case and to determine whether department rules were broken.

Police officials haven't yet decided whether they will release video of the incident. Rodriguez said he had not seen it, but that he believed it did not include the showroom where the shooting occurred.

The Tarrant County medical examiner's office is conducting Taylor's autopsy. It has not yet released any initial findings on toxicology, and Rodriguez said he wasn't aware if police found any evidence to suggest Taylor was under the influence.

The medical examiner and the car dealership's management did not return a phone message Saturday.



Taylor, who was black, was shot by a white police officer two days before the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, an unarmed, black 18-year-old whose death galvanized the "Black Lives Matter" movement and sparked protests that at times turned violent.

Some of the nationwide criticism of police use of force in the last year has happened online, and Taylor's death resonated on social media, with some posts questioning the official account and calling for video to be released.

Rodriguez said that the investigation would take time because "we're really trying to focus on the process and get things right."

"We will demand of ourselves a thorough and transparent organization of what took place," Rodriguez said Saturday.-AP

I believe Chris Rock got it right with this quote!

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Coming soon (BODY ON ME)

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Here is the debut of Rita Ora's brand new single: Body On Me featuring Chris Brown. I think she has her first U.S. hit with this one. Breezy the career saver has done it again. I believe the song drops on Itunes tonight.

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 Chris Brown posted a snippet of Rita Ora's new single (that he is featured on), called Body On Me. Check it out.

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“But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means. Those who are spiritual can evaluate all things, but they themselves cannot be evaluated by others. For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.”
1 Corinthians 2:14-16 NLT

The meditation of the day shows one great truth: We need the Holy Spirit! Let your prayer be, to receive the Holy Spirit of God that we may understand the spiritual truths of God's word. Not living by mans wisdom and logic but by the wisdom of God. 
Sidenote: you will THINK different. 😊