Sunday, September 27, 2015


Did you realize that your hardest job is #Faith ..yea I know it's crazy right? The Lord doesn't ask us to do something like put "hard work" into something tangible that we can put our logic into, or devise our own plan of how to bring it to pass. He says #HaveFaithInGod #thatsIt yet the battle our #spirit has with our #soul (mind will emotions) and with our #flesh can be gut-wrenching, cause it's hard for us to #believe that all He requires is for us to simply #TrustHim no matter what the circumstances/situations are! No matter what it LOOks like! No matter the decisions u made. No matter if someone already said no! It doesn't matter! REMEMBER HE HAS SEEN THE END FROM THE BEGINNING, He knows how the story unfolds! He knows every trick of the devil,and He wants you to trust that He loves you enough to KEEP YOU through it all!  Can u put your GRIND to believing HIM? Let your labor be in the #Word. Jesus said your work is this: To believe in the One He sent! That's it! Believe!  #God #Lord #Christ #Jesus #faith #prayer #dontworry #perfecttiming #love
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