Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We tend to not SEE what we SAY as being literally the matter of speaking LIFE or DEATH. Yet we read in the Word of God it absolutely is. He says we will "eat" the fruit of our lips. So what we are saying is what we will have. It's our BREAD! What are u "feeding" yourself? Is it a bunch of doubt, gloom, despair, give up, your plans(without God), what are u saying? There is no gray's either life or death. Well I pray you begin to speak life always. That means whatever the Lord said about it, SAY THAT! That way if the situation was never meant for your life, let the Lord give you the Words to speak that will remove it forever. Not your reasoning, hurt feelings, misconduct etc. And if it is what God called into your life (don't get this mixed up with what you allowed in, your free will vs what God ordained or two different things) then grow in endurance. Persevere! Speak life! 
I always thought it was funny that this verse comes right after the Life/Death verse. 😂 then I think of wedding vows "til death do you part" and I see that God did something unique with a union He put together..He has the man's favor (divine favor) that the man cannot boast in his own power, STORED up in his wife. Two things here: 1. Fellas a WIFE is one who has a dowry fit for you(her king). It's tailor made for your life. She is your reflection for you are one. 2. U can't "make her, turn her into, boast or take credit for" her goodness nor the favor she carries for you, ITS ALL FROM GOD. When u SPEAK LIFE to her, u are speaking it to yourself, and if u speak death (demean, downgrade, etc) then remember she is the reflection of you, so what u are saying is essentially u talking to u! She has in her through Christ the ability to RESTORE u back to your rightful position in the city gates. SPEAK LIFE! #marriage #love #lifeordeath #restoration #cm #wife #husband #relationship #Christ #chrianna

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