Wednesday, October 28, 2015


All day long we have been discussing the 
And the debate has basically went between two things: compliance & excessive force
Mind u I work with a “line” full of men, fathers, white/black. And we all watched the video together and ALMOST EVERYONE seen it according to their BELIEFS of how they view police officers. 
I realized that each man spoke first concerning how they “felt” about cops. It was blatantly honest, as they became separated immediately by race (without even realizing it). Black men speaking about how they comply and still end up hurt/dead…and the white guys saying if u just do what they say then there would be no issue. (Yet the evidence has proven in the past 5yrs that this is not true). 
But when I asked the men: If this was your daughter what would u do? They all agreed that they would be in jail for going ape on the cop. They would have punished the child when they got them home, but that’s only if they not in jail first. 
I say that to say this: we all tend to forget(once we gain wisdom) that we have at some point in life been defiant, and got our tails whooped..BUT NOT BY COPS when at school, and being non violent(even while being defiant). There are degrees of discipline that goes with infractions. My job is strict about cell phone use when not on break, but if I refused to put it away, written up is as far as it goes. And it’s done away from my co workers. 
While everyone continues to say “if she complied from the beginning” none of this would have happened, the better statement is “if the officer (the trained professional) had reacted differently this wouldn’t be happening” 
People have one issue: does compliance equal non violence from officers? Ask Sandra Bland

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